Batman’s 1989 Wayne Manor is returning to The Flash

Batman's 1989 Wayne Manor is returning to The Flash
Wayne Manor in 1989’s Batman. Pic credit: Warner Bros

The news that Michael Keaton was returning as Batman in the upcoming DCEU movie Flash finally confirmed that the first big-screen Batman was coming back over 30 years since he debuted.

This was up in the air due to the coronavirus pandemic, as Keaton was unsure about filming at the time. However, Keaton finally decided to come back and now he will join Flash, which also features Ben Affleck’s Batman.

The movie will take on the Flashpoint storyline, making fans wonder if Keaton is Bruce Wayne or if he will portray Thomas Wayne, which is the Batman in the alternate Earth that Flash accidentally created.

Batman 1989 is back

While the question of whether or not Michael Keaton will be an alternate Earth Batman or his father remains unknown, there is one thing that has been discovered about the returning Batman.

A batch of set photos was released from Flash and Wayne Maynor is strikingly familiar.

There have been three different versions of Wayne Manor, the first introduced in 1989’s Batman, the second in The Dark Knight Trilogy, and the third was the burned down version in Zack Snyder’s DCEU.

The Wayne Manor shown in the Flash set photos is the Wayne Manor from Tim Burton’s 1989 movie starring Michael Keaton as Batman.

This is the Wayne Manor that was set at Burghley House in Lincolnshire, England. It isn’t clear if this will be used, or if they are just there to shoot establishing shots with the interior shots filmed in studio locations.

This could also promise even more Easter eggs from the 1989 Batman movie, including a recreation of that Batman movie’s Batcave.

There is also the thought that if this movie does bring Keaton back as Bruce Wayne, it would ignore everything after Batman Returns in that universe.

Flash movie filming

The Flash movie began production last month, so there should be plenty of leaks and photos coming as the production begins shooting.

This movie is supposed to create the DCEU multiverse and recreate the entire movie world similar to how DC did it in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Flashpoint/New 52, and DC Rebirth.

This is based on Flashpoint, which created the New 52. Flash wanted to go back in time to save his mother from her murder, and should have known better. Flash saved her from dying, but it changed the entire world and not for the better.

The Flash is set to arrive in theaters in November 4, 2022. To see all the future release dates for upcoming DC movies, click here.

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