The View fans want Whoopi Goldberg to retire after she snapped at Joy Behar on air

Whoopi Goldberg attends the AMPAS 9th Annual Governors Awards
Many fans of The View weren’t happy with Whoopi Goldberg’s interaction with co-host Joy Behar. Pic credit: © S_bukley

A recent interaction on The View involving co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar had many fans fired up, and some even suggested that it was time for Goldberg to retire.

The incident occurred this past week on the daytime talk show when Goldberg was talking about the 2024 presidential election and an interview involving potential candidate Ron DeSantis.

Behar’s phone suddenly rang, interrupting her co-host during her remarks. That prompted Goldberg to ask Behar, “Did your phone really just ring?”

“No, it did not. Ignore it,” Behar joked and turned her phone over on the desk in front of them.

“It’s hard, it’s hard,” Goldberg replied. “Kind of like I was just overshadowed by her phone, Ron DeSantis was overshadowed by You-Know-Who’s latest potential indictment .”

While the latest incident was one of many involving smartphones interrupting the hosts during The View, the latest one seemed to have some fans irritated.

Fans continue to suggest Goldberg retire from The View

Viewers have wanted Whoopi Goldberg off the show over many instances, including her calling out co-hosts for their smartphones, wardrobe, and other mishaps, or her on-air remarks.

According to OK Magazine, at least one Twitter commenter suggested that Goldberg needs to retire after Behar’s phone incident and said The View should bring back a former host to replace her.


Another recent individual’s tweet about the View urged Whoop to retire, indicating she “no longer has anything informative, or even intelligent to contribute.”

twitter user suggests whoopi retire from the view
Pic credit: @Flickin2Frederic/Twitter

“Lol Whoopi, retire. Stop clawing at significance,” another Twitter commenter wrote this past week, reacting to a report about Goldberg’s remarks about Bud Light boycotts.

twitter user says whoopi should retire
Pic credit: @FoxNews/Twitter

Per OK Magazine, another commenter suggested that maybe the show needed to enforce a rule where the hosts and guests leave their phones backstage somewhere.

Within the past week, Goldberg also made headlines for walking off stage during a Miranda Lambert debate, as well as her Jason Aldean remarks.

It hasn’t always been Goldbert that fans want out. There have also been instances throughout The View’s various episodes where fans have anticipated both Goldberg and Behar retiring.

Joy Behar has a history of on-air mishaps during The View

Wednesday, July 19, wasn’t the first time Behar’s had a phone call during the show either. The video below spotlights many times she’s had on-air calls come through during the televised show.

In one particular instance, she answered her phone, claiming it was The View’s executive producer. A camera panned to show him nearby, holding up his phone jokingly.

Another on-air ringtone sounded when Goldberg wasn’t part of the panel, prompting Behar to apologize to the EP for the mishap.

Another co-host’s phone interrupted Goldberg on The View

Behar’s phone interruption wasn’t the only time it happened to Goldberg this past week. There was an interruption when co-host Sara Haines‘ ringtone went off as Goldberg spoke.

It occurred during the Monday, July 17, episode of The View as Goldberg spoke about the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.

A video from Entertainment Tonight shows the moment from The View, as Haines’ ringtone causes the sudden interruption, and she says, “Oh my God,” as her co-hosts glare at her.

“You gonna answer that?” Goldberg asked Haines after the audience laughed about the incident.

Goldberg has been a host of The View since 2007. Despite some viewers’ desire to see her off The View, there’s no sign that she is interested in retiring just yet. However, her co-hosts might need to become better about keeping their smartphones silenced during the televised show, or a rule needs to be enforced.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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