The Queen has ‘soft spot’ for Prince Harry claims royal author

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry
Queen Elizabeth has a ‘soft spot for Prince Harry’ according to one royal author. Pic credit: ©

Before Meghan Markle, before Megxit, and before that infamous Oprah interview, there was just Prince Harry; a likable personality who had more charisma than the entire royal family put together.

He has always been one of the most beloved members of the family, laughing, making jokes, and making everyone in the room feel at ease; all traits he has inherited from his mother, Princess Diana.

Queen Elizabeth has a ‘soft spot’ for Prince Harry, and understands him

So, it’s not surprising that Queen Elizabeth has a “soft spot for Prince Harry” according to royal biographer, Andrew Morton.

The author, who penned that famous authorized biography Diana: Her True Story-In Her Own Words, discussed Prince Harry’s abrupt exit from the royal family on Lorraine while promoting his new book, The Queen.

He claimed the Queen’s “soft spot” for her grandson is due mostly in part to the difficulties he has had to endure, after losing his mother at such a young age.

He said, “So yeah the Queen has got a soft spot for Harry, because obviously, the tragic nature of his mother’s death, and he struggles to cope with that. His mental struggles.

He also believed Prince Harry to be a lot like his mother, saying, “He’s cursed with charisma in a way. When I see him on royal engagements it’s very much like watching Diana, kneeling down and hugging kids. It’s remarkable.”

The Queen probably understands Harry and Meghan more than most

As for his thoughts on what the Queen thinks of Harry and Meghan stepping down from royal duties, Andrew thinks she is probably more understanding than the rest of the British public probably is.

He said, “Well it was abrupt, a lot of it was uncalled for. But at the same time the Queen will recognise, they’ve got a young family, she’s American, and she’ll cast her mind back to her own life.”

The Queen was abruptly thrown into her role at a young age

The Queen was very abruptly thrown into the most serious royal role one can have at such a young age when her father, King George VI, died suddenly at just 56.

She hadn’t planned on becoming Queen for at least another 20 years, and she and Prince Philip were enjoying their married lives in Malta at the time.

Thus, the Queen has a better understanding of how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle felt than probably anyone else, with Andrew Morton saying, “she will appreciate the fact that Harry and Meghan want to make a life for themselves.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will return to the UK to attend a thanksgiving service on June 3 along with the rest of the royal family to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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