Princess Anne treated Diana with ‘withering disdain’ and called her a ‘silly girl,’ royal watcher claims

Princess Anne
Princess Anne reportedly called Diana a “silly girl.” Pic credit: ©

Princess Anne disliked Diana, Princess of Wales, and once referred to her as a “silly girl,” a royal watcher has claimed.

Anne got off on the wrong foot with Princess Diana when they met before she married Prince Charles.

According to the royal watcher Ingrid Seward, in her book Prince Edward, Princess Anne never liked Diana and treated her with disdain.

“Anne was indifferent to Diana from the very beginning,” Seward wrote, according to Express. “She treated the woman, who by marriage to her elder brother might have become her Queen, with withering disdain.”

“She called her ‘a silly girl,'” Seward added.

Anne clashed with Diana before she married Prince Charles

Seward claimed that Anne clashed with Diana in June 1981, a month before Diana married into the Royal Family.

While staying with the Royals at Windsor Castle before she married Charles, Diana met Anne and her children, Peter and Zara, at the nursery in the Queen’s Tower, according to Seward.

Diana reportedly curtsied and greeted Anne, but the Princess Royal did not hide her scorn and disdain for Diana.

“Diana, still only a Lady, gave the Princess the benefit of a full curtsey and declared: ‘Ma’am, how wonderful to see you.’” Seward wrote.

“She [Anne] looked up at Diana – and looked straight through her. Diana, confronted by the searing force of Anne’s scorn, fled the room,” according to Seward.

Anne disliked Diana because the Princess of Wales made her ‘look archaic,’ royal commentator claimed

According to the royal author Richard Kay, Anne had “no time for Diana” and had a frosty relationship with her.

However, the BBC journalist Jeremy Paxman once suggested that Anne disliked Diana and other younger, more “modern” royal wives, such as Diana and Sarah Ferguson, because they eclipsed her and made her “look archaic.”

“Diana and Fergie were much better at appearing human,” Paxman reportedly said. “Dedicated and hard-working Anne was most rapidly eclipsed. Diana made her look out of touch.”

Anne was described as ‘rude, sulky and difficult’

A journalist who saw Anne when she visited Washington DC in 1970 once described her as “rude, sulky and difficult.”

She got several speeding tickets as a young woman and ended up being banned from driving for a month.

In 2002, Anne became the first Royal to be convicted of a criminal offense after her dog, an English bull terrier, bit two young people at Windsor Great Park.

She was charged and pleaded guilty under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Anne was allegedly the Royal accused of making ‘racist’ remarks about Archie

Monsters & Critics reported that royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell claimed that Princess Anne was the Royal that Meghan and Harry accused of expressing concern about Archie’s skin color.

However, Campbell defended Anne, saying that Harry misunderstood her. The royal biographer insisted that Anne had only expressed concern about Meghan’s American cultural background and questioned her suitability as a royal wife.

Anne allegedly advised Harry not to marry Meghan.

Anne also reportedly refused to attend Harry’s christening in 1984 because she was angry that Charles did not name her the child’s godmother.

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