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Princess Diana would’ve been ‘taken aback on first meeting Meghan’ but ‘bonded’ later, royal biographer claims

Princess Diana would have bonded with Meghan Markle, royal biographer claimed. Pic credit: ©

A royal biographer claimed Princess Diana would have been “taken aback on first meeting” Meghan Markle but “they would have bonded” after getting to know each other better.

In an article published in the Mirror, royal expert Andrew Morton, author of Diana: Her True Story, explored the question of how Princess Diana might have reacted to her daughters-in-law, Meghan and Kate Middleton, if she’d met and known them.

Morton speculated Diana could have warmed to Kate because the Duchess of Cambridge’s “initial shyness” could have reminded the Princess of Wales of her initial reaction to being in the limelight.

“She [Diana] would warm to Catherine, her initial shyness on the public stage reminding her so much of her own early trepidation in front of a screaming crowd,” Morton wrote.

Diana would find Meghan “mesmerizing and intimidating’

The royal biographer suggested Diana could have “bonded” to Meghan only after initial acquittance and she would have found Meghan “mesmerizing and intimidating.”

“She would have been taken aback on first meeting Meghan, a force of nature able to speak with passion and precision — and all without notes,” Morton wrote. “But as she got to know her and see the vulnerable side of a woman who suffered mental trauma during her first pregnancy — as did Diana — they would have bonded.”

“As for Meghan, she would find the energetic American mesmerizing and intimidating.”

Diana would have worked with Charles to end Harry and William’s feud

Morton added that if Diana were alive, she would have tried to work with Charles to reconcile Harry and William.

“She always saw Harry as the reliable wingman for William, for when he took on the lonely position of Sovereign,” Morton wrote. “She may well have approached Charles to work out how to reconcile the two brothers.”

The royal expert added that Diana and Meghan shared a lot in common regarding their experience of royal life.

He argued that because of her experience, Diana would have been able to empathize with Meghan and Harry’s Megxit decision.

“She understood her youngest son, a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve and his desire to forge his own path,” he wrote. “After all, she had staged her own great escape and had survived.”

In contrast to the claim Diana would have worked to reconcile Harry and William, a royal expert claimed Meghan is “controlling” and will never allow Harry to reconcile with William.

Harry and William unveiled a bronze statue in honor of Diana

The comments by the royal biographer come after Harry and William reunited amid Megxit tensions to unveil a bronze statue in honor of their late mother, Diana.

The brief ceremony, taking place at the Sunken Garden, Kensington Palace, on Thursday, June 1, included close members of Diana’s family and royal aides.

Harry arrived in the U.K. on June 25 and returned to the U.S. a day after the unveiling.

In other news, Monsters & Critics reported Meghan paid tribute to Princess Diana in a video message pre-recorded for the Global Citizen’s Vax Live concert.