Prince William left ‘reeling’ and ‘now feels uncomfortable’ talking to Harry after he shared their private conversation with Gayle King

Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex
Prince William reportedly “now feels uncomfortable” about talking to Harry after he leaked their last conversation to Gayle King. Pic credit: ©

Prince William is reportedly upset that Harry leaked details of their private conversation to CBS’ Gayle King.

The Duke of Cambridge was left “reeling” after his younger brother, Harry, shared the details of their conversation and “twisted the truth,” a source told Us Weekly.

The source added that William “now feels uncomfortable” talking to Harry due to fear that he may leak future private conversations.

Monsters and Critics reported that Harry had discussions with his father, Prince Charles, and brother, William, in March. The discussions were the first between Harry and senior members of the Royal Family after the Oprah interview.

Harry reportedly shared details of the conversation with Gayle King

However, Prince Harry reportedly leaked details of his private conservation with Prince William to CBS’ This Morning co-host, Gayle King.

It was King, 66, who first revealed on CBS This Morning that Harry had conversations with Charles and William.

King revealed that she had been in contact with the Sussexes and that she learned that Harry talked with Charles and William.

She said the discussions “were not productive.”

“The word I was given was that those conversations were not productive but they are glad that they have at least started a conversation,” King said.

King added that the Sussexes were still upset because the Royals weren’t doing anything to stop the “unfair, inaccurate, false stories” the media reports about them.

According to Us Weekly’s sources, William was upset that Harry shared details of their private conversation with King and said it was a “cheap shot.”

“William was left reeling,” the source told Us Weekly. “He says it was a cheap shot to leak details of their private call and that he twisted the truth.”

Harry might have lost William’s trust after he leaked their private conversation

The sources said that William “feels uncomfortable” about having further conversations with Harry after he leaked their last discussions to a media personality.

“He [William] is putting himself at risk of the same thing happening again,” the source said.

Monsters and Critics reported that Piers Morgan also slammed Harry for disclosing his private conversation with Prince Charles and William.

Morgan accused Harry of “betraying the royals,” and argued that Harry’s action could only ensure that future conversations would also not be productive due to lack of trust.

Harry previously admitted his relationship with William was strained

During his interview with Oprah, Harry admitted there were tensions between him and William.

He said his relationship with William was “space.”

“The relationship is space, at the moment,” Harry said. “Time heals all things, hopefully.”

The rift between the brothers became so deep that they did not speak to each other for months about their plans to unveil a statue in honor of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

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