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Prince Harry ‘lost his cool’ and agreed to Oprah interview after Queen stripped him of military titles, sources claim

Prince Harry and Charles at a royal event
Prince Harry was upset when the Queen stripped him of his military titles after Megxit. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry reportedly “lost his cool” and agreed to do the explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March shortly after Buckingham Palace announced in February that the Queen had stripped him of his royal roles and patronages, including his ceremonial military titles.

Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen decided to strip Harry and Meghan of their royal roles and patronages after Megxit because they were no longer able “to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service.”

Queen stripped Harry of his ceremonial military title

The royal roles and patronages that Harry lost included his presidency of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, his Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League patronages, and his patronage of the London Marathon Charitable Trust, Monsters & Critics reported.

Military titles he lost included the ceremonial title of Captain-General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington, and Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving.

Meghan was stripped of her Royal National Theatre and Association of Commonwealth Universities patronages and her position of vice-president of the Commonwealth Trust.

The royal roles and patronages the Sussexes lost were distinct from their HRH and Duke/Duchess titles.

Due to his record of military service in Afghanistan, Harry had reportedly hoped he would be allowed to keep his ceremonial military titles.

Harry was angry when the Queen stripped him of his military titles

A source told The Sun that Harry was angry when the Queen insisted he could not keep his ceremonial military titles after Megxit.

When the Palace said the Sussexes were being stripped of their patronages because they were no longer able to perform “the duties that come with a life of public service,” Meghan and Harry responded, saying “service is universal” and that they could still “live a life of service” outside the Royal Family.

Sources said William was furious with the Sussexes because he thought their response to the Queen was “petulant,” “insulting,” and “disrespectful.”

Harry attacked Royal Family after Queen stripped him of military titles

According to The Sun, Harry “lost his cool” after a heated exchange with Palace authorities over the issue of keeping his titles.

“There was a bust-up just before Oprah but it wasn’t to do with Archie’s title,” the source said.

“Harry and Meghan were very cross before Oprah because the final Megxit separation had just been signed off, which included Harry not keeping military roles,” the source claimed. “That was what made him so angry. He’s very emotional and his military roles were very important to him given that he served.”

The source claimed that Harry agreed to do the controversial tell-all interview with Oprah only 24 hours after the Queen stripped him of his military titles.

Harry served with the U.K. military in Afghanistan

Prince Harry received officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and served in the British Army for a decade, during which time he rose to the rank of Captain.

After completing training at Sandhurst in 2006, he joined the cavalry regiment of the British Army known as the Blues and Royals.

He undertook two tours in Afghanistan with the Blues and Royals. His first tour was in the Helmand Province in 2007/2008. He returned to Afghanistan in 2012/2013 for a 20-week deployment, during which he received threats from the Taliban.

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    • agree,he is the one that walked away and turned his back on his country He no longer is the prince he was Turned his back on england reep what you sew

  1. I’ve never understood the value of “ceremonial titles”. Like wearing a paper crown….not worth anything and usually just something else to have to pick up.

  2. He didn’t earn those titles, They were among the perks granted when you are a royal working for the royals. There is a long list of protocols that are enjoyed by the royals and a longer list of royal duties. On of the first rules is not to hide out in another country and call your family racist unless you have a damned good reason. Once in a while there is a glitch in the royal line and they produce a klinker. Harry’s great uncle Edward was the last klinker. He also married an American divorce’ , Wallace Simpson, and faded into the sunset. Fate sometimes repeats itself.


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