Prince Harry has offered to return to help out the monarchy, claims royal expert

Prince Harry at a royal event
Prince Harry has allegedly offered to help out with some royal duties. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry, the Duke of Cambridge, has held out an olive branch to his father, Prince Charles, and offered to help out his family with some of their royal duties, at least, according to a royal expert.

The Royal family has found itself in a spot of bother recently; essentially, they are running out of working royals to perform daily duties involving the many charities and royal patronages associated with the ruling dynasty.

At 95 years old, Queen Elizabeth has understandably started slowing down; the reigning monarch suffered from some health issues at the end of last year and has begun relinquishing more and more of her day-to-day duties to other family members.

And last week, Prince Andrew was stripped of his patronages due to his legal battles regarding allegations he had sex with an underage Virginia Giuffre. At the time, Buckingham Palace announced his patronages would be redistributed to other family members.

Then there is Harry and Megan, who were famously stripped of their patronages at the beginning of last year after they decided to stay in California rather than return to England.

According to royal expert Neil Sean, this has all left the family a bit short-staffed. The charities and patronages rely heavily on their royal backers, who often work very hard to bring their causes to public attention and help generate revenue.

Has Prince Harry extended an olive branch?

According to Sean, one of his inside sources has allegedly stated that Harry has contacted Prince Charles to say he is available to help out if needed.

Sean suggests that someone within the house of Sussex, perhaps their PR team, or Harry himself, has perhaps seized an opportunity to find a way back into the royal fold. As yet, it is unknown how Prince Charles might respond to such an offer.

Prince William and Charles are reportedly very concerned about the damage that could be done to the Royal family by the court case against Prince Andrew. They had already insisted against his return to royal duties.

But the ongoing feud with the Sussexes’ has also damaged the monarchy’s reputation. The rift between William, Charles, and the wayward Harry is thought to be still quite expansive, so it’s unclear if they would be willing to welcome him back into the fold.

Prince Harry demands police protection for his family while in the UK

Over the weekend, Harry initiated legal proceedings against the UK government in the hope of gaining police protection for his family in the event they return to Britain. The Brits removed the protection when they ceased to become working royals.

But according to the Daily Express, a statement from Harry’s lawyers claimed it is “unsafe” for him and his family to visit the UK without police protection. The Duke has reportedly said he is willing to pay for his own police protection and is not asking the taxpayers to foot the bill.

This move by Harry’s lawyers suggests that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be hoping to make a trip back to the UK in the near future. Perhaps they hope to attend his grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this spring.