Pete Davidson gets tons of love as Starbucks workers pit him against Kanye West in tip jar wars

kanye west and snl star pete davidson
Kanye West’s beef with Pete Davidson is part of a Starbucks’ tip jar war. Pic credit: © & Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Starbucks workers are taking advantage of Kanye West’s beef with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson as they look to entice customers to give tips based on the rapper’s very public and very one-sided feud.

West, known as Ye, has been going after Davidson ever since he linked up with Kim Kardashian last year. Davidson and Kim K’s dating started about eight months after Kim filed for divorce from West.

Starbucks has now found a way to use the situation to potentially generate more tips or possibly take a poll to see who their customers side with in the feud.

Starbucks tip jar wars features Pete Davidson vs. Kanye West

A TikTok user has shared a viral video in which two Starbucks tip jars appear at the drive-through, prompting customers to contribute based on whose side they’re on in the feud. A jar on the left side is labeled “Kanye West OR” with “Pete Davidson?” written on the jar on the right.

Based on the video, it looks like tipping has been one-sided in favor of Pete Davidson. The quick clip features at least one customer adding some dollar bills into his jar, which already has several bills. By comparison, Ye’s jar has only some coins in it, seemingly showing that customers haven’t been favoring Ye in the feud.

The TikTok video, initially shared by dejapoo00, has amassed well over 780,000 Likes and over 6,500 Comments.

TikTok commenters react to West vs. Davidson tip jar wars

With the video above getting so much attention, many TikTok members left their thoughts about Pete Davidson, Kanye West, and who’s winning the tip jar wars. At least one individual mentioned they enjoy Kanye’s music but represent “Team Pete” in the feud.

tiktok commenter on davidson vs west feud
Pic credit: @dejapoo00/TikTok

“All the boys tipping Kanye would probably tip Chris Brown too ?,” another commenter said.

tiktok commenter on kanye vs davidson feud
Pic credit: @dejapoo00/TikTok

“Careful Kanye might repost this,” an individual said in the video’s comments.

tiktoker careful kanye might repost
Pic credit: @dejapoo00/TikTok

One commenter brought up how the feud isn’t about “music or race,” adding that “Kanye has been unhinged and making Kim feel threatened.”

“That’s 100% not okay & that’s why Pete’s winning,” the commenter suggested.

tiktok commenter on kanye west situation with kim k
Pic credit: @dejapoo00/TikTok

Kanye’s targets Davidson with social media and music

As mentioned, Kanye’s feud with Pete Davidson has been very one-sided publicly. It included Ye targeting Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend in various Instagram posts, which are now removed. At one point, Kanye asked fans not to hurt Davidson, also revealing text messages from Kim on his Instagram where she commented on the scary nature of how fans might act based on his Instagram posts.

Ye has also brought up Davidson and his feud in newer song lyrics. Most notable is the song Eazy which also features The Game. Ye raps, “God saved me from that crash / Just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s a**.”

An Eazy music video also arrived last week. It quickly became controversial due to its depiction of a claymation Ye kidnapping claymation Davidson and burying him alive up to his neck. Recently, West defended his “art” following backlash over the video.

Davidson hasn’t fired back, except for a YouTube link he added to his Instagram profile, which no longer exists as he opted to quit social media in favor of his mental health and working on movie projects. Sources have also been quoted in various publications, indicating Davidson isn’t letting Ye’s antics get to him.

Sources have also said Davidson is “almost flattered” that West included him in a music video and finds what he’s doing “hysterical.” However, another source said Kim Kardashian is far from amused, as she’s “furious” with Kanye and wants to protect her kids from his public beef, including the suggestive music video.

Recently Kim was legally declared single by a judge and has removed West from her last name on Twitter and Instagram, giving her a significant win in the divorce proceedings.

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