Lil Wayne in ‘good spirits’ and stable condition after two seizures

Lil Wayne is in a stable condition and in ‘good spirits’ after suffering two seizures during a cross-country flight, his representatives have said. The 33-year-old rapper, who suffers from epilepsy, fell ill while jetting from Wisconsin to California yesterday, forcing his plane to make an emergency landing in Nebraska. It later emerged he had suffered two seizures,

Adam Levine offers to pay for Christina Grimmie’s funeral

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine offered to pay for Christina Grimmie’s funeral, her brother has said. Levine was the singer’s coach when she appeared on The Voice in 2014. He made the offer to Christina’s family after she was killed by a gunman following her show in Orlando on June 10. Her brother Marcus posted

Vanessa Hudgens’ HAIR is the star of Moschino catwalk show

Vanessa Hudgens’ HAIR was the star of the Moschino 2017 fashion show at L.A. LIVE. The actress and singer looked stunning as she showed off her incredible curls in a slinky black-and-white dress designed by the fashion house at the event. Vanessa, 27, was also carrying a Moschino bag and wore a silver Moschino bracelet around her slender wrists.

Kim Kardashian calls for stricter gun control after Orlando shooting

Kim Kardashian has called for a change in gun laws in the US following the Orlando shooting which left 50 people dead. The star took to Twitter to vent her outrage, saying that her family had “repeatedly” asked Congress to change legislation which allows dangerous people to buy guns. She said: “Nothing has changed!!!! People

Sean Hayes and Jake Gyllenhaal sing A Whole New World at the Tonys

One of the most entertaining performances of this weekend’s Tony Awards was of Jake Gyllenhaal and Sean Hayes singing A Whole New World from Aladdin — and almost nobody saw it. While the ceremony was filled with an action-packed schedule, Gyllenhaal and Hayes took to the stage for their bit of impromptu karaoke during the

Jeff Goldblum: We planted son’s dried-up umbilical cord under a tree

Jeff Goldblum and his wife Emilie planted their son Charlie’s umbilical cord under a tree — so that there would be somewhere he “will always feel grounded”. Goldblum, 63, and Livingston — who at 33 is 30 years his junior — had Charlie on July 4 last year. Referring to a picture of her planting

Ronnie Wood quits smoking after FIFTY years

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has quit smoking — after 50 years. The 69-year-old has ditched normal cigarettes for e-cigarettes following the birth of his twin daughters Alice and Gracie last month. Smoking was one of Wood’s last vices after he quit both drinking and drugs following eight visits to rehab. He was often seen

J.K. Simmons is totally RIPPED for new Justice League movie

J.K. Simmons has got INSANELY muscly for his role in the new Justice League movie — as these gym photos show. The 61-year-old is set to play Commissioner Gordon in the 2017 movie alongside a string of stars including Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. And it looks like his character’s going to be

Tom Hiddleston: I’m sorry to disappoint you about James Bond

Tom Hiddleston has responded to the speculation that he’s going to be the next James Bond — and it’s not the news his fans were hoping for. The actor, who recently played a spy in the BBC/AMC adaptation of John Le Carre’s The Night Manager, was asked about the claims as he appeared with Chris Hemsworth

Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding ‘secretly courting’

Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding are secretly courting — and spent the night ‘canoodling’ at a recent polo event, according to reports. An onlooker said that at one point they looked as if they had shared a kiss under a blanket, according to The Sun. The 31-year-old Royal and 29-year-old singer have sparked rumours of a romance