CT from The Challenge’s wife: Who is Lilianet Solares?

CT challenges TO on MTV's The Challenge
Chris “CT” Tamburello from The Challenge has married Lilianet Solares. Pic credit: MTV

Chris Tamburello, best known as CT from The Challenge, got married. After years of bachelordom, the MTV star is off the market — but who is his new wife?

Learning about Lilianet Solares is a tricky task. CT’s model wife has her Instagram page on lockdown. Only those she has given permission to can see what is posted.

In 2017, CT announced that he had a son. It was a huge surprise for fans of The Challenge, as many didn’t even realize that he had a girlfriend.

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The MTV star likes his privacy, and if you look at CT’s social media there’s no evidence of a woman in his life aside from mentions of his son.

News of CT’s girlfriend and son came three years after the death of his true love, Diem Brown. CT and Diem enjoyed an on-again, off-again relationship throughout their years together playing on The Challenge.

When Diem was diagnosed with cancer, CT was by her side. His deathbed proposal to her was a real tear-jerker. The move proved that there was much more to the MTV star than just CT’s tough-guy exterior.

It is now four years since she passed away, and CT has found love again, this time in model Lilianet Solares, who clearly also enjoys as much privacy as she can get.

We found Lilianet on Facebook. Aside from a few photos of CT’s pretty new wife, there’s not much else to report. She seems relatively low profile and pretty down to earth.

CT is a native of Boston, as many fans of The Challenge know. He met his new wife after he moved to Florida back in 2015. Empire Boo Boo Kitty reports that Lilianet is a 26-year-old model from Coral Springs, Florida.

It was reported that CT initially moved to Florida to “retire” from MTV and start a new career in real estate investment. Then he met Lilianet and CT began building a family.

The couple’s son CJ was born a year after the pair started dating and the rest is history. CT even came out of retirement, returning to The Challenge once again. He said that the reason for his return was to prove to his son CJ that he could still compete.

CT and Lilianet’s wedding was announced by MTV on their Instagram page for The Challenge. Naturally, MTV featured a story on their nuptials.

Close pals and co-stars Cara Maria Sorbello, Derrick Kosinski, Leroy Garrett, Shane Landrum, Tony Raines, and Wes Bergmann were all there to witness the Saturday wedding.

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