Who is Kelis’ new husband Mike Mora and what was the interview about Nas that prompted the rapper’s open letter

Nas on the left and Kelis on the right in selfies shared to Instagram
Kelis filed for divorce from Nas nearly a decade ago and they still can’t find peace — Pic credit: @nas/@kelis/Instagram

Kelis is back in the news this week after Nas responded to abuse allegations that she made earlier in 2018. A lot has happened in the Milkshake singer’s life since she was married to Nas.

Kelis now has a new husband, real estate mogul Mike Mora, and the pair welcomed a son together in 2015. But that hasn’t stopped the drama between Nas and Kelis as she continues to ask for more child support while alleging that he was abusive during their four-year marriage.

Nas and Kelis divorce

Nas and Kelis split back in 2009 when she filed for divorce, but for this hip-hop couple the separation didn’t mean an end to their arguing and drama.

In fact, in the years since, the two seem to publicly argue and feud even worse than when they were together.

When Kelis asked for a divorce from Nas, she was pregnant with their son Knight. The battle over custody and visitation of Knight has been contentious and has led to quite a bit of drama as well as claims of abuse made by Kelis that Nas vehemently denies.

Who is Kelis’ new husband Mike Mora?

In 2015, the Daily Mail reported that Kelis had welcomed her second child, a boy named Shepherd, who was fathered by Mike Mora. Kelis and Mora were clearly a couple but neither ever announced a wedding.

That didn’t stop the rumor mill though, and after a bit of sleuthing it was revealed that Kelis and Mike Mora were secretly married back in 2014.

Kelis’ new husband previously ran a personal Instagram page where he would post pictures of himself and Kelis, often referring to her as his wife.

The real estate mogul and photographer only runs his photography page now, which still features pictures of the singer on a regular basis.

Kelis’ zodiac sign, birthday news and her new career as a chef

In the years since Kelis was actively making music, she has still managed to keep herself busy and to build a brand that is getting a lot of attention.

After making it big in the music world with hits like Milkshake and Bossy, she decided to change directions entirely and start a new career in food.

Years ago, Kelis enrolled and completed her study at Le Cordon Bleu, making her an actual chef.

With that knowledge, she started a sauce company called Bounty & Full where she proclaims that “everything will be smothered” and carries sauces ranging from apricot mustard to wild cherry bbq sauce.

Kelis just celebrated her birthday, which was on August 21, making her a loud and proud Leo. She is 39 years old now and six years younger than her ex-husband Nas.

Kelis’ interview about Nas

Back in April, Kelis sat down for an interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked. In it, she made several claims about her relationship with Nas.

One of the most damning claims made by Kelis during her interview about Nas included allegations that he abused her.

For nearly an hour, Kelis talked to Jason about her toxic relationship with Nas and claimed that not only did he hit her, but she hit him too!

At the time, she admitted that Nas was paying $8,000 per month in child support.

In the months since she opened up in the interview about her ex-husband, Kelis has asked for more despite reports that she brought in at least $1million last year on her own.

Nas responds in open letter on Instagram

Through the years, Kelis has often spoken out publicly about her and Nas’s troubled relationship as they raise their son Knight.

Nas has remained mostly quiet, not responding to Kelis’s interview about him or the allegations that he abused her until now.

On Thursday night, Nas finally spoke up via a seven-part open letter on Instagram where he aired out all the dirt between himself and Kelis.

He told fans that he was “speaking from the heart” in response to a call he got from Essence because they were planning to run another Kelis story about the two. You can read the response in its entirety below.







It will be interesting to see how Kelis responds to Nas’ open letter. Will she go silent or will their battle get worse?

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