Meghan Markle hires a UK based PR exec ahead of her rumored lifestyle brand launch

Meghan Markle at the Global Gift Gala in London.
Meghan Markle continues to branch out. Pic credit: ©

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — have rebranded themselves in recent months.

They have been working behind the scenes, rolling their Archewell Foundation and Archewell Production webpages into one more website.

Meghan has hired a stylist for the first time and has been seen around her home in California for business meetings at both lunch and dinner.

All of this has opened the couple up to new opportunities. Harry gave out an award for the NFL last month, and Meghan garnered a keynote role in a big deal SXSW conference.

The Telegraph reports that Meghan and Harry have hired a new UK-based PR executive, and “the new member of the PR team will join ahead of the launch of a new commercial venture that the Duchess has been working on for many months.”

This new person will presumably work with Meghan’s people at the Hollywood agency WME and anyone she has in-house to launch her delayed lifestyle brand.

Rumors abound about Meghan’s lifestyle brand

Fans of Meghan and Harry have been waiting impatiently since last September when news started circulating that Meghan set her sights high for her lifestyle brand.

The Daily Express said then that Meghan was on the verge of her relaunch and wanted “to build a wellness and lifestyle brand, similarly to Goop, the highly successful company run by Gwyneth Paltrow.”

Meghan has chosen a well-placed, high-end brand to copy with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. Even if one has never shopped at Goop, everyone has heard of the brand and knows who owns it.

Everything was set for the launch last fall, even with Page Six reporting that Meghan’s team had secured her new Instagram handle before launching everything.

Meghan used to operate a lifestyle blog named The Tig until she shut it down when she became engaged to Prince Harry. Last spring, The Standard reported that Meghan’s team had filed with the US Trademark and Patent Office to launch The Tig 2.0.

Whatever the reasons for the delay, hiring a new UK-based PR person may mean Meghan is almost ready to launch her brand globally.

Fans speculate about what should be included in Meghan’s brand

Fans are ready for Meghan’s lifestyle brand, and they recently took a look at Reddit to talk about what they imagine it to be like.

A fan asked, “Meghan’s lifestyle-esque brand launching soon?”

Royal fans speculate about Meghan Markle launching her lifestyle brand.
Fans speculate about Meghan Markle Pic credit: u/MessSince99/Reddit

Many fans weighed in on Meghan and her high-end style, with one fan saying that an expensive Goop experience is “a sneak peak [sic] inside a world most of us don’t operate in…”

Another suggested that Meghan should do “Real Housewives and use the platform to build whatever it is this lifestyle thing that she has been leaking for years.”

Another fan said they could see her “doing a Target line like Chrissy Teigen before getting canceled.”

Fans on Reddit share thoughts about Meghan Markle.
Fans wonder about Meghan Markle and her brand. Pic credit: u/MessSince99/Reddit

No matter what Meghan tries to sell and at what price point, it seems like she will have many who want to buy her wares.

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