Meghan Markle has issued a statement after rebranding criticism

Meghan Markle at Mansion House in London
Meghan Markle has issued a statement after the harsh criticism of her rebranding. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, have had a renaissance lately. They are trying to revamp themselves and gather some good publicity.

They are still at odds with their family across the pond even though Harry made a whirlwind trip to the United Kingdom and back to see his dad, King Charles, after his cancer diagnosis.

Now, they are revamping their website. The usual redirects to with a new photo of Meghan and Harry, and a crest is visible, but not Harry’s crest. It is Meghan’s they have used.

Fans have been critical of the rebrand because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be trading on their royal name for commercial enterprises. Something that just is not done in royal circles.

It is unclear if they will be allowed to keep the site running or if Buckingham Palace will require them to remove certain parts or shutter the whole deal.

Meghan Markle issued a statement about the rebrand on in the middle of all this criticism.

Meghan shares why she chose Article for the rebrand

The Mirror explains that Article of the Madebyarticle website is a Canadian digital agency that Meghan has used for her The Tig and Archewell websites.

Meghan’s statement reads, “They’re not just designers; they are collaborators who elevate your ideas into visual identities. They’re a very special company. Plus, they’re Canadian, so I’m a fan.”

Then she signed it Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan loves Canada; it is where she filmed Suits and is now there with Harry for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

She has an extensive relationship with the company and feels confident they will help her and Harry during her rebrand. Their client list is impressive. Besides The Archewell Foundation, Archewell Productions and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex represent Diane Von Furstenberg, Ms Lauryn Hill, and the NBA.

The NBA is featured on their Instagram account, but Meghan and Harry are not yet on there.

Meghan and Harry have landed in Vancouver for their Valentine’s Day trip

A fan has posted on X (formerly Twitter) that Harry and Meghan will be spending this day of love called Valentine’s Day in Whistler ahead of the Invictus Games Vancouver Whistler 2025 One Year to Go event.

The Invictus Games sends some athletes to Whistler to practice outdoor sports they will compete in next year at the official games.

The Daily Mail has reported that Harry and Meghan have touched down in Vancouver but may be in hot water again.

The “environmental campaigner” that Harry purports to be on his website,, flew in a “gas-guzzling private jet to begin a three-day visit tied to next year’s Invictus Games.”

This could cause them some public relations problems because of using a private jet. Let’s hope they manage to have a romantic Valentine’s Day while they are there.

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