Meghan Markle didn’t understand how hard Diana had to work, according to royal biographer

Meghan Markle in a one button down smiling and speaking on a stage
Meghan Markle didn’t realize how hard Princess Diana worked to achieve global stardom. Pic credit: ImageCollect/AdMedia

Meghan Markle didn’t understand how hard Princess Diana had to work before achieving global stardom, according to royal biographer and author of The Palace Papers, Tina Brown.

While it’s most likely been whispered within the walls of Buckingham Palace and said even louder in gossip magazines, it appears Meghan Markle desires to achieve the fame and legacy that Prince Harry’s mother did before she died.

Tina, ex-Vanity Fair editor, spoke on ITV’s Lorraine this morning and discussed her book while slamming Meghan in the process.

Tina Brown said Meghan assumed she could achieve Diana level of stardom quickly

She claimed Meghan had a certain idea of what it would be like to join the royal family, assuming she could achieve the same level of stardom enjoyed by Diana, right after joining the firm.

Tina said, “I think that was her fundamental sense of misunderstanding of what was going to happen when she joined the Royal Family – she saw the palaces and Diana as this global humanitarian superstar.”

Meghan assumed stardom came with the role of a royal family member

While Meghan had just entered the royal family, it seemed she assumed that stardom came with the role, rather than needing to earn it.

Tina claimed she “forgot that for 16 or 17 years Diana worked like a dog within the Royal Family doing a great deal of very humdrum assignments,” and that it was Diana”s “charisma” that made her so “extraordinarily special.”

Meghan and Harry felt unappreciated after Australia tour in 2018

It appears things started to rapidly deteriorate after the royal tour of Australia in 2018, with Meghan and Harry reportedly upset that they were not given the appreciation they thought they deserved after so much success.

While Meghan and Harry left the royal family due to simply wanting to quit (though describing it in such terms may take away from the myriad of reasons they actually left), Tina pointed out that Diana left because of her divorce from Prince Charles.

She said, “She didn’t leave the Royal Family because she said ‘I’m out,’ she got divorced. Her husband wasn’t in love with her, that was the agony for her.”

After leaving the royal family, Princess Diana became the global humanitarian superstar for which she is remembered today, with Tina pointing out that Diana didn’t really have a choice. She claimed Diana was part of the “royal machine.”

Tina said it’s unfair to blame Meghan for the rift between Prince William and Prince Harry

The Palace Papers author did stick up for Meghan in one respect, claiming it’s unfair to blame her for the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William.

She said Harry began to feel unhappy after he left the military, feeling as if he was a bit “rootless,” while Prince William was being groomed to become King one day. But, after realizing the success he had with the Invictus Games, Harry realized he could do things himself.

She said, “But really it was like a superstar moment for Harry and he kind of realized ‘I can do this myself, I have my own power base,’ and it was at that point he met Meghan.”

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9 months ago

not that she didnt know how hard Diana worked………………….she didnt think it was necessary ………………first and foremost she is an American ………………….. aMERICANS DONT DO WHAT YOU TELL THEM TO DO ………………..They believe that they dont have to ………………..especially if they are like Markle………………she leads you follow no question just do it especially if she has something to gain………….i said it before if only they stop and look from the outside they would have seen what they could have done they would have made a lot of things better and changes that would have been really good cause they have good ideas……..but then they had the mindset of its US not for the royal just for us………………………and thats where they went wrong…….i think Markle would have done good and harry too but fame and greed always blind people………………………..and thats ashame,,,,,,,