Machine Gun Kelly blasts Jack Harlow in Renegade freestyle after rapper’s claims

Machine Gun Kelly at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards
Machine Gun Kelly fired away at Jack Harlow in his new freestyle. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

In the hip-hop world, arguments about who is the best of all time and at the moment amongst the various talent will likely never end.

However, many feel there’s little debate when it comes to the best Caucasian rapper on the mic, as Eminem is heralded by most to have that crown.

Many hip-hop fans, music enthusiasts, and critics consider Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady, among the best rappers ever.

There’s some contention regarding who ranks second best behind Eminem among Caucasian rappers. Notable stars on the mic include the late Mac Miller, Lil’ Dicky, Machine Gun Kelly, and most recently, Jack Harlow.

In a song from Harlow’s new album, Jackman, Harlow recently proclaimed himself the “hardest white boy” behind Eminem, prompting MGK to call out the rapper’s claim.

MGK, who recently released pop punk rock music, fired off a new freestyle rap track with several notable dis lines aimed at the First Class rapper.

Machine Gun Kelly drops Renegade Freestyle with lines aimed at Jack Harlow

Machine Gun Kelly made good use of the beat for Jay-Z’s classic song Renegade, which also featured Eminem as a guest rapper. In MGK’s version, he went off for over two minutes and seemed to be aiming at naysayers, doubters, and rivals.

One portion of MGK’s fiery freestyle went straight for Harlow’s jugular, following the rapper’s claims on Jackman.

“I see why they called you Jack man/ you jacked man’s whole swag, give Drake his flow back man,” MGK raps in the latter half of his freestyle.

MGK also throws in a recent sports reference, comparing his rivals or haters to former Memphis Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks. The NBA player famously made remarks to doubt NBA superstar LeBron James while amid a playoff battle with James’ Los Angeles Lakers.

“Look at all you little Dillon Brooks/ I don’t care if I’m older, I’m colder you poked the bear in the woods/ Come back like LeBron and drop 40 on you like I should,” he raps.

MGK’s lines about Harlow come just over a week after Harlow released his third studio album, Jackman. The release was a surprise as Harlow revealed it was on the way just days ahead of dropping it for the masses.

In his song They Don’t Love It, Harlow makes a reference to Eminem, bringing up the rapper’s famous line from his hit song Lose Yourself, which appeared on the 8 Mile Soundtrack.

“Ya boy’s strivin’ to be the most dominant ever / The hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters / And hold the comments ‘cause I promise you I’m honestly better than whoever came to your head right then,” Harlow raps.

Eminem hasn’t officially responded to what Harlow said, and based on NME’s report, Harlow considers Em an icon. However, it appears MGK took exception to Harlow’s bars, prompting him to fire off some of what he said in the Renegade freestyle.

Speculation continues about MGK and Megan Fox’s relationship

Just a few months ago, rumors popped up that Megan Fox and MGK were having issues with their relationship. The two have been engaged since January 2022, with Monsters and Critics reporting news about their unique engagement outdoors.

Over Super Bowl weekend, the two attended a party together. However, things went awry from there. Fox deleted all Instagram photos with MGK in them and then temporarily deactivated her profile, even hinting at GK’s infidelity.

Fox eventually returned to social media, but in the past week, speculation has continued as the two haven’t attended specific events together. That included the Bupkis premiere, where MGK supported his good friend Pete Davidson. In addition, MGK had a solo birthday party sans his fiancee Fox.

In late March, a report from People citing an unidentified source close to the couple said they were in “therapy,” but it was unlikely they’d be able to repair their relationship.

A TMZ report in early April revealed MGK and Fox having dinner in Hawaii, with the rapper sporting a new hairstyle and some PDA between the two. However, as of early May, it remains unclear if these two are attempting to mend differences, giving each other time apart, or just about to call it quits.

It’s entirely possible a rough relationship or impending breakup is what fueled MGK’s recent flamethrower freestyle dis aimed at Harlow.

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