Lauren Swanson alludes to difficult pregnancy after social media return

Lauren Swanson during a Counting On confessional.
Lauren Swanson is expecting a little girl. Pic credit: TLC

Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar will be welcoming a little girl this November. This will be their rainbow baby as last fall the couple experienced a miscarriage.

When Counting On aired earlier this year, viewers saw Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar announce they were expecting their first child. They did it at a family gathering at the Duggar compound and everyone was thrilled for them.

Just a few weeks later, Lauren Swanson suffered a miscarriage. The couple never made a public announcement, despite rumors that circulated regarding their private life. Then, a confessional was leaked and Josiah Duggar and Lauren explained they lost the baby. Shortly after that, it was revealed on the show.

Now, Lauren Swanson is pregnant with her rainbow child. They announced their pregnancy earlier this year and recently revealed she was expecting a little girl. After everything they have been through, viewers were delighted to see that their family was expanding.

After a social media hiatus, Lauren Swanson returned to show off her growing baby bump. She revealed that this pregnancy hasn’t been easy and that she is reminded of her struggles over the past year.

It was clear that Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar mourned their baby last fall. Both gave raw confessionals for Counting On last season, something that was heavily discussed while the show was airing.

Along with Lauren, there are two other Duggar women due to give birth in November. Kendra Caldwell and Anna Duggar are also due right around the same time as Lauren, and all three wives are expecting little girls. Joy-Anna Duggar was also supposed to be due in November with a little girl, but she revealed she suffered a loss at her 20-week ultrasound appointment.

Counting On will be returning in October with brand new episodes. The last big event was John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett’s wedding. Jessa Duggar’s birth special aired in June, though it will likely still be touched upon when it returns.

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