Lady Gaga’s dog walker reveals that doctors thought he was going to die the night he was shot by dognappers

Lady Gaga at Critic's Choice Awards
Lady Gaga’s dog walker is speaking out on television for the first time since being shot in February. Pic credit: ©ImageCollectAgency/Admedia

Ryan Fischer is opening up about his terrifying ordeal the night he was shot at close range by burglars who were after Lady Gaga’s dogs.

The dog walker, 40, is sharing his personal experience of that horrific event for the first time on television in an interview with Gayle King for CBS Mornings.

Ryan Fischer said he had a feeling he would be shot

Ryan took Gayle back to the location where he was attacked and described how it all went down.

“The car came and screeched, and it happened like right, I think I was walking right here,” Ryan detailed to Gayle as he showed her the area. “The car came just…in at an angle, like, there was no doubt in my head that they were stopping for me.”

After replaying the doorbell video that happened to capture every moment of the robbery, Ryan told Gayle that he had a feeling at the time that he was not going to get out of the hold-up unscathed.

He said he had a feeling he would be shot at some point because of his fierce loyalty to and defense of the three French bulldogs in his care.

Ryan continued to discuss the moments after the incident, saying that while he was only shot once, the bullet went in through his neck and exited at his shoulder blade as he was in a bent position at the time the dognappers pulled the trigger.

Ryan told that they didn’t think he ‘was going to survive that night’

Ryan continued to tell Gayle about his memories from the hospital as he was being worked on fervently by “a team of 8 or 9 people” while blood was coming out from his wound and his blood pressure was dropping.

The gunshot wound was what Ryan described as “severe.” The bullet had punctured his lung on its way through his chest and that doctors did not have high hopes for his survival.

In an effort to clarify a statement he made in more recent weeks about feeling “abandoned” after the shooting, Ryan told Gayle that Lady Gaga has helped him through his journey to regain his physical and mental health again.

Gayle prodded him to share more about his current relationship with Gaga, asking him specifically about his feelings towards the singer since Ryan came into the spotlight again after setting up a Go Fund Me account to get financial help.

“LG’s very supportive of my journey right now and I think it’s hard for people to understand why someone would go about healing in this way,” he said of setting up the account.

Ryan addressed the rumors that he and Lady Gaga were no longer on good terms and that fans feared she had left him to fend for himself, saying that he and the singer were still friends and that she was there for him in many ways after the incident.

“After I was attacked, I was, my family was flown out and had trauma therapists flown to me and I stayed at her house for months while friends comforted me and security was around me,” he explained.

Five people were arrested for the burglary of Lady Gaga’s dogs and shooting of Ryan Fischer

After months of hard work on the part of the LA police, five people were eventually arrested in connection with the attack and stealing of the two dogs, including the alleged good Samaritan who had claimed she found the two dogs tied to a pole in an alleyway just days after the attack.

Although Ryan said he believes the attack could very likely have been coincidental with no knowledge on the perpetrator’s parts that the dogs in fact belonged to Lady Gaga, those details surrounding the event are still unclear.

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