Lady Gaga is pretty in pink with strawberry-themed ensemble

Lady Gaga on the red carpet
Lady Gaga showed once again that she can rock any look with latest Instagram pics. Pic credit: ©

Lady Gaga is imbibing the essence of summer in her latest Instagram pics.

The Shallow singer and House of Gucci actress, 35, posted some bright pics while aboard what appeared to be a private jet, captioning the series: “Did somebody say NEW YORK?….also why are these hats such a thing ?”

With a light pink bucket hat complete with matching top and shorts, Lady Gaga was every bit a summer dream.

The songstress looked fresh and fun in her strawberry-detailed ensemble, with the button-up shirt open and revealing a white bandeau bra and plenty of tan skin.

A long gold chain hung low down to her navel while a tighter gold choker adorned her neck. Large, heavy-looking gold hoops hung from her ears, perfectly playing off the other jewelry.

Showing a full-frontal view of herself in pic number one, Gaga then zoomed in closer for pics two and three to show off her impeccable complexion.

Her smoky eyelids were set off nicely by some thick eyeliner and super long lashes while her lips shone with a rose-colored gloss.

Lady Gaga is known for some outrageous outfits

Gaga has been know for her outrageous outfits, once wearing an ensemble made entirely out of raw meat.

She seems to be a tad more tame lately, sharing some more glamorous pics to her social media accounts and continuing to embrace the chocolate brown locks she was required to have for House of Gucci.

The entertainer also looked stunning in her ad as Dom Perignon’s newest brand ambassador, sharing a jaw-dropping photo of the meticulously sculpted, vibrantly hued costume.

Lady Gaga experienced some tough times while filming in Italy

Lady Gaga wrapped filming for House of Gucci in May after approximately four months of shooting in Italy; unfortunately, her time away from the States was not without its challenges.

Shortly after arriving in Rome to begin work on the film, Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was attacked while walking Gaga’s three prized French bulldogs.

He was unsuspectingly approached while strolling with the pooches in L.A., subsequently being shot at close range while the assailants took off with two of the dogs. One dog managed to escape and stayed by Fischer’s side, comforting him until help arrived.

At the time, Lady Gaga offered a hefty $500,000 award to anyone who brought the dogs in without harm.

When a supposed good Samaritan showed up at a local police station with the pups, police advised Gaga to wait on supplying the reward until the woman had been fully cleared of any participation in the robbery.

This spring, news broke that the woman was indeed part of the gang of people who had devised and carried out the plan to steal the dogs.

Five people ended up being arrested for the attack and face what will likely be significant jail time for the crime.

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