Kanye West still silent on Instagram as Coachella petition passes 43,000 signatures

rapper kanye west at 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
A petition to remove Kanye West from Coachella has passed 43,000 signatures. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

A petition to get rapper Kanye West removed as a Coachella performer is continuing to gain steam, as West has remained silent following his removal from the Grammy Awards.

The 44-year-old rapper was slated to appear amongst performers at the 64th annual edition of the show but was taken out of the lineup following his “concerning online behavior.”

That behavior also resulted in West getting suspended from Instagram for a day after he shared multiple posts attacking others, including Grammys host Trevor Noah and Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

However, West has been silent ever since his Instagram suspension and reported removal from the Grammys as the petition picks up more names.

Coachella petition moves past 43,000 signatures

Over a week ago, a petition arrived online at from a user named Caramello Marie, urging others to sign their names to get Coachella to remove Kanye West as a headliner at Coachella.

The description for the petition indicated that Kanye had been harassing, manipulating, and hurting Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, and others “for over a year now.” The description also mentions that anyone who stands up to West is put “under fire.”

“This is ridiculous that he is allowed to freely do this. Coachella (along with other brand names that are still working with him) should be ashamed of themselves and should not be giving him any more of a platform,” the petition states.

As of Friday evening, over 43,000 individuals had signed the petition, urging Coachella to take action by dropping Kanye from this year’s music festival lineup.

In just a day after its creation, the petition against Kanye West as a Coachella performer hit 2,000 signatures. Earlier this week, it reached 30,000 signatures and continues to gain more people’s names and comments by the hour.

Kanye was removed from Grammys lineup after Instagram suspension

This past weekend, reports arrived that Kanye West was officially out of the lineup of performers scheduled for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

The Recording Academy reportedly removed West due to his “concerning online behavior,” which included a post where he directed a slur towards this year’s Grammys host Trevor Noah. Additional posts targetted Pete Davidson, comedian D.L. Hughley, and Kanye’s shared custody situation with ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

That removal announcement came right after he’d been suspended from Instagram for 24 hours due to the post directed towards Noah.

Despite being removed as a performer, West could still attend the Grammys, as sources indicated he’s allowed to walk the red carpet and accept any awards he wins during the event. West is nominated for five of them, including Best Rap Album and Album of the Year.

As far as Coachella goes, West already threatened to quit the show ahead of any petition’s arrival online. The rapper demanded that fellow headliner, Billie Eilish, apologize to his friend Travis Scott due to comments she made after stopping a concert to make sure a fan was OK, as West felt her remarks were slamming Travis over the 2021 Astrowold tragedy.

Kanye’s Coachella performances are scheduled for Sunday, April 17, and April 24. Other musicians included on those days include Doja Cat, Run the Jewels, Fatboy Slim, Denzel Curry, Vince Staples, and Ari Lennox.

West was suspended from Instagram last week. Once his 24-hour ban ended, all of the posts that were on his Instagram page were deleted.

The typically outspoken rapper has remained silent ever since that suspension from Instagram, following his posts targeting Noah, Davidson, Hughley, and others. Many people wonder what is next for Kanye West, with the Grammys and Coachella on the horizon.

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