Jamie Foxx’s rep refutes COVID rumors about actor’s health issue

jamie foxx at World Premiere Of Netflix's Day Shift
10 August 2022 – Los Angeles, California – Jamie Foxx. World Premiere Of Netflix’s “Day Shift”. Photo Credit: Billy Bennight/AdMedia

A representative for Jamie Foxx has refuted rumors circulating online about the actor’s medical condition and the COVID-19 vaccine.

That rumors initially arrived from podcaster A.J. Benza, who formerly worked for the New York Daily News, as he appeared in an episode of Dr. Drew Pinksky’s podcast, Ask Dr. Drew.

During that May 30 podcast appearance, Benza indicated he had a “source” that was “in the room” and had details about Foxx’s condition.

Benza shared the unsubstantiated claim that Foxx was left “paralyzed and blind” after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine that caused a blood clot leading to his stroke.

During the podcast episode, Dr. Drew didn’t challenge Benza’s story, allowing him to share the story and claim other reports about Foxx were “baloney.”

Benz didn’t give his source by name while on the podcast, indicating he worked hard to get the exclusive story.

However, a representative for Foxx told NBC News via email on June 7 that Benza’s claims about Foxx’s health condition are “completely inaccurate.”

Jamie Foxx was hospitalized for an undisclosed ‘medical complication’

In mid-April, reports arrived that actor Jamie Foxx had a health scare while filming for the upcoming Netflix movie, Back In Action in Atlanta, Georgia.

Following the actor’s hospitalization in Atlanta, his daughter provided an update, indicating her dad had a “medical complication.”

“Luckily, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery,” she wrote in the Instagram update.

“We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for privacy during this time,” Corinne’s post said.

Corinne Foxx refuted other rumors about her dad’s health situation

In the ensuing weeks, there were no updates from the family, Foxx, or his representatives about his health progress. However, an all-text post arrived on the actor’s Instagram on May 1, thanking everyone for their love and support, saying he was “feeling blessed.”

While no photos or videos arrived on social media of the actor, rumors continued to swirl, including one that suggested the 55-year-old actor’s inner circle was possibly “preparing for the worst.”

That prompted Corinne Foxx to share another family update on her Instagram Story in mid-May, refuting the rumors running rampant in headlines. She mentioned her dad was out of the hospital, recuperating, and had even played pickleball since leaving the hospital.

Jamie Foxx is continuing his recovery at a rehabilitation facility

While Foxx left the hospital in Atlanta, he’s believed to currently be staying at a rehabilitation facility in Chicago, Illinois. Reports first arrived about this facility from TMZ in mid-May, right around the time of Corinne’s family update.

Since then, family and friends have reportedly visited Foxx at the Chicago facility as he continues his recovery.

The family hasn’t offered any additional updates regarding the Oscar-winning actor’s health or recovery progress.

As of this writing, there have been no photos or videos of Foxx since his health scare in mid-April. The actor hasn’t shared any posts on social media since his early May Instagram post mentioned earlier.

However, Foxx’s representative has indicated that Benza’s story about Foxx’s health and the COVID-19 vaccine is “completely inaccurate.”

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1 year ago

They need to just leave alone and him he
Heal and stop putting so much in it just
Leave him alone go on to something else that is old news now

1 year ago

I hope and pray Jamie Foxx have a quick and safe recovery God bless you and your family. We love you very very much