Jamie Foxx’s co-star Cameron Diaz ‘feels a tremendous sense of guilt’ after actor’s health scare

Cameron Diaz at 92nd Street Y in NYC
Cameron Diaz co-stars with actor Jamie Foxx in Back In Action. Pic credit: © Callahan/ACE Pictures

As Jamie Foxx remains in rehabilitation following his health scare several months ago, friends and co-stars are being asked to share their knowledge about his condition.

Cameron Diaz is one of those celebrities making headlines, as she was filming with Foxx for his Netflix movie, Back In Action, in Atlanta, Georgia, in April.

Foxx suffered an unknown “medical complication” while in Atlanta for the movie’s filming, requiring his hospitalization.

When filming resumed without Foxx, Diaz remained on location to complete her work for the Netflix movie. Stunt and body doubles were used in place of Foxx for various scenes.

An inside source that may have contact with Diaz has recently given some insight into her situation since Foxx’s hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Based on the source’s remarks, Diaz “feels a tremendous sense of guilt” following Foxx’s medical situation.

Cameron Diaz has a ‘tremendous sense of guilt’ about Jamie Foxx’s situation

According to Daily Mail UK, an inside source indicated that Cameron Diaz doesn’t know her co-star’s current health situation. In fact, she’s had no communication with Foxx in the weeks since he was hospitalized, released, and then went to a rehabilitation facility in Chicago.

“Cameron has not spoken to Jamie at all and does not know anything other than what she hears,” the source shared, also mentioning that she has “no clue” about the status of the movie they filmed, Back In Action.

“Honestly, she is not sure what is going on with Back In Action and isn’t very proud of it, considering there was so much drama even before Jamie was hospitalized,” the source also said.

Reportedly, Diaz also “feels a tremendous sense of guilt” due to “quarrels” she had with Foxx during the project that she never could “make amends” over.

In March, The U.S. Sun reported “insiders” said the 55-year-old Foxx had a “major meltdown” while filming Back In Action in London, England. The report suggested that Foxx’s issues with production led to four crew members getting fired: the executive producer, an assistant director, a unit director, and Foxx’s driver.

“Some people working on it are totally fed up with how this has played out, and Jamie has become pretty unpopular,” a source said, per U.S. Sun.

Some of the on-set quarrelings during the project may be part of what the insider close to Diaz says she feels guilty over now. The reported “meltdown” situation involving Foxx happened about a month before he suffered his health scare in Atlanta while also working on Back In Action.

Foxx and Diaz previously starred together in the 1999 sports drama, Any Given Sunday. Diaz, who has a lengthy list of projects she’s appeared in, previously said she was done with acting. However, Monsters and Critics reported last June that Diaz unretired for Back In Action, her first role since 2014’s Annie remake, also co-starring Foxx.

The latest situation involving Foxx’s health, the quarrels during production, and extensive time away from her husband and children may prompt Diaz to retire from acting again. The Daily Mail’s inside source said Diaz isn’t taking any new scripts or working on anything.

Foxx’s health situation remains unclear as other movies premiere

Details about the actor’s health are still unknown, as his daughter has been the only source of information, and Foxx’s privacy has been maintained. The Oscar winner hasn’t been seen publicly since being hospitalized in Atlanta and moved to a Chicago rehabilitation facility to continue recuperating.

There’s been no confirmed report about Foxx’s exact “medical complication,” although more than a few reports have suggested he suffered a stroke. Boxing legend Mike Tyson mentioned “they said stroke” during a podcast interview, suggesting he might have heard inside details about Foxx’s situation, or heard it from speculative reports like others.

The Chicago rehab facility that Foxx is reportedly at specializes in treating patients with strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries, among other health situations.

While the status of his Netflix movie Back In Action is currently unknown, other movies Foxx filmed for are being released. A trailer recently arrived online via Foxx’s social media for Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone. The sci-fi/comedy and thriller features Foxx co-starring with Teyonah Parris and John Boyega. It releases on July 14 on the streaming platform.

At the film’s premiere last Wednesday at American Black Film Festival in Miami Beach, Florida, Foxx was not with his co-stars due to his ongoing health situation and recovery. His co-stars both expressed Foxx was on their minds as he recovers. Boyega also said he’s “been calling” Foxx but has yet to hear from his co-star, so he’ll “keep on calling.”

In addition, Foxx appears as Ferryman in the action film God Is a Bullet, which arrived in select theaters on Friday, June 23. He’ll also voice a canine named Bug in the live-action dog comedy, Strays, set for an August 18 release to theaters.

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