Cameron Diaz to ‘unretire’ from acting with help from Tom Brady

Cameron Diaz at a movie premiere in 2014
Actress Cameron Diaz is out of retirement and getting advice from quarterback Tom Brady. Pic credit: © Smith/Featureflash

Cameron Diaz is officially back in the game and Tom Brady is ready to coach her through it.

The Bad Teacher actress, 49, will be making her comeback to the big screen in a new Netflix film that is set to start production later this year. The film, titled Back in Action, will star Diaz opposite actor Jamie Foxx in her first major movie role since playing Miss Hannigan in the 2014 remake of Annie.

Jamie Foxx called Tom Brady to help ‘unretire’ Diaz

Jamie Foxx took to social media on Wednesday to announce his and Diaz’s upcoming film with a memorable sound byte from a phone call between them. Foxx added in star quarterback Tom Brady to the call, who famously retired for a little over a month before returning to the NFL, to give Diaz some tips on getting back in the “game.”

“I was talking to Jamie, and he said you needed a few tips on how to unretire,” Brady told Cameron after Foxx looped him in. “And I am relatively successful at unretiring.”

“Honestly, exactly what I needed,” Diaz replied.

Listen to the phone call clip below:

“Cameron I hope you aren’t mad I recorded this, but no turning back now,” Foxx wrote in the caption of the post. “Had to call in the GOAT to bring back another GOAT. @CameronDiaz and I are BACK IN ACTION – our new movie with @NetflixFilm. Production starting later this year!!”

When it comes to diving back into her acting career, Diaz admitted that she was both excited and nervous at the time. “I’m so anxious right now, I’m like pacing the room,” she said when Foxx asked her how she was doing. “I feel excited but, I don’t know how to do this.”

Shortly after, the Charlie’s Angels actress also shared the exciting news on her Instagram story with the text, “@iamjamiefoxx only you could get me back in action!! I can’t frickin wait it’s gonna be a blast!”

Cameron Diaz's Instagram story
Pic credit: @camerondiaz/Instagram

Diaz on why she decided to retire from her acting career

Although she had become one of the most well-known names in Hollywood, things changed for Cameron Diaz at the age of 40.

During an appearance on Kevin Hart’s Peacock talk show Hart to Heart last year, Diaz opened up about the realities of how acting was no longer substantially fulfilling her in life.

“When you do something at a really high level for a long period of time, when you’re the person who’s sort of delivering on this one thing, you’re the person who’s like, ‘the talent.’ All parts of you that isn’t ‘that’ has to be sort of handed off to other people,” she said.

“Different parts of my life, whether it was my home, or every aspect – from finances, to just the management of me as a human being, not me as ‘Cameron Diaz.'”

“But for my personal spiritual self, I was realizing it was that one part of me that functioned at a high level, wasn’t enough,” continued Diaz. “It’s fun to do, I love it. I love acting. I could go forever. I literally feel like, sometimes, I have unlimited energy and inertia.”

“I just realized that so many parts of my life that I wasn’t touching and that I wasn’t managing. I couldn’t really manage it because it was so big. Everything was so massive,” she stated.

Although she may have been out of the game for a while, it seems as if Diaz is excited to dust off her acting chops and show fans what a successful comeback is about to look like – as long as she takes the advice from her advisor, Brady.

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