Jamie Foxx returns to social media and gets bombarded with health questions

jamie foxx at 2020 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party in Beverly Hills
An update about Jamie Foxx’s upcoming Netflix movie arrived on the actor’s social media. Pic credit: ©

Jamie Foxx hasn’t been publicly seen for nearly two months since suffering a mysterious health scare in mid-April.

The Oscar-winning actor seemingly returned to social media on June 13 with a career update regarding his upcoming Netflix movie.

However, it was a trailer for a different Netflix movie called They Cloned Tyrone, which features Foxx with co-stars John Boyega and Teyonah Parris.

“It’s about to go down. #TheyClonedTyrone coming July 21, only on @netflix,” Foxx said in his caption.

The new movie’s trailer was also posted on the official Netflix Instagram page with a similar caption. However, the title was spelled out rather than a hashtag, and Netflix isn’t tagged in their caption.

Based on descriptions and details, the film is considered a sci-fi, comedy, mystery, and thriller film where three unlikely individuals team up to investigate a mysterious and “nefarious” government conspiracy.

They Cloned Tyrone was reportedly filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and filming wrapped up in April 2021. According to a Variety report, it will premiere at the American Black Film Festival on June 14 in Miami Beach and play through June 18. It will then arrive for the masses on Netflix on July 21.

The bigger picture is that it’s Foxx’s first social media post since May 3, when he offered a thank you post to fans who had shown love, support, and concern for his health.

It’s worth noting that more than a few celebrities and influencers will have a team that helps share content on their social media, meaning this may not have been an actual update from Foxx.

Fans react to Jamie Foxx’s new movie update and wonder about his health

With a recent post on Foxx’s Instagram page, many fans showed their concern about the lack of details about his undisclosed medical complication and progress with his recovery.

“I ain’t watching no movie until I can see you’re physically okay,” one commenter wrote with the praying hands emoji.

Another said to forget the movie and demanded to know if Foxx was doing okay, adding, “We need you out here.”

One commenter suggested the trailer’s timing was “odd” as it arrived “right after all this s**t” happened.

“That title was a thousand words,” the commenter wrote.

fans show concern for jamie foxx lack of health updates
Pic credit: @iamjamiefoxx/Instagram

Yet another individual questioned why nothing was said about the actor’s “disappearance.”

“So you’re not going to address what’s going on?” someone commented, while a few others defended the actor’s right to privacy about his health right now.

“You all have to understand that he will give us an update on HIS TIMING,” the commenter wrote.

“I understand that you all are concerned and I am was too… but you can’t taunt him into telling us. Allow him to do that!”

Another person let the “comment section” know that “Jamie doesn’t owe you anything” and to “Carry on.”

jamie foxx shares a netflix movie trailer and fans react
Pic credit: @iamjamiefoxx/Instagram

Foxx was working on another Netflix movie during his health scare

As initially reported, Foxx was hospitalized while working on the Netflix movie Back In Action in Atlanta, Georgia, in mid-April.

Reports were limited about what happened, and still are, although Foxx’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, shared an update that her dad had suffered an undisclosed “medical complication.”

The actor seemingly remained hospitalized for weeks, and not many updates arrived, with the family keeping things private for themselves and Foxx.

On May 3, Foxx, or someone posting to his Instagram, shared a message expressing thanks to everyone for their love and support during his recovery.

jamie foxx ig update arrives may 2023
Pic credit: @iamjamiefoxx/Instagram

With not many details available about Foxx’s situation, it led to plenty of rumors and speculation due to unsubstantiated sources and gossip website reports. One such report from a source indicated Foxx’s inner circle was hoping for the best but also “preparing for the worst.”

Foxx’s daughter again took to her Instagram Story to provide a “family update” on her dad’s health condition, indicating he was out of the hospital and had even been playing some “pickleball” recently as he continued “recuperating.”

Soon after, reports arrived that Foxx had moved to a Chicago rehabilitation facility, where it’s believed he’s continuing his recovery from the mystery complication. That facility specializes in several medical issues, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and strokes.

A stroke is what many people speculated Foxx suffered in Atlanta and is what he is still recovering from. Boxing legend Mike Tyson may have accidentally confirmed it during a podcast interview he appeared in.

However, there’s yet to be any confirmation from Foxx or his family regarding the condition, as they maintain privacy over the actor’s health situation while he recovers and rehabs.

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