Jamie Foxx is ‘taking health scare seriously,’ following hospitalization for medical complication

jamie foxx at American Black Film Festival Honors Awards Ceremony
Jamie Foxx continues to recuperate after April’s health scare. Pic credit: ©

Following his health scare last month, Jamie Foxx continues to recover and rehab from an undisclosed “medical complication,” which initially resulted in his hospitalization in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the initial scare and over the ensuing weeks, Foxx’s family has kept things mostly private about his condition, with speculation eventually arriving that something might be serious.

However, his daughter, Corinne Foxx, refuted the details from gossipy reports and even told everyone via social media that her dad was recuperating, even getting to play some pickleball.

The Oscar-winning actor was released from the Atlanta hospital and moved to a special rehabilitation facility in Chicago, Illinois, where he’s been continuing his road to recovery.

Over the past several weeks, he’s also received visitors, including his daughter and friends. However, Foxx has not been seen in any photos or shared any of himself since his hospitalization last month.

Within the past week, another update has arrived via an inside source, claiming that Foxx got a “wake-up call” with his medical complication and is “taking [his] health scare seriously.”

Jamie Foxx’s family wants actor ‘to recover in peace’

Over the past several weeks, not much has been revealed about what condition Foxx has been recovering from. Constant speculation prompted the actor’s daughter to refute rumors about her dad’s health situation, which said his inner circle was “hoping for the best” but also “preparing for the worst.”

While Corinne refuted the rumors, she didn’t provide any additional details on her father’s previously-undisclosed condition. That has remained a secret. A source recently explained to OK! Magazine why there’s been “so much secrecy” with the family regarding Foxx’s health.

“His family have wanted him to recover in peace. He needed some time to get better, and they wanted to keep things private until he was completely out of the woods,” OK’s source said.

The source also shared that “Jamie is surprising everyone, especially his doctors, with how much he’s progressed,” further elaborating on the actor’s mindstate following his initial hospitalization.

“Jamie’s taking his health scare seriously. This was a wake-up call. He may slow down a bit, but he’ll never stop working. Jamie loves the hustle,” the source revealed.

Earlier this month, Corrine shared Fox’s announcement that she and her dad have a new musical game show on the way. The show is called We Are Family and is expected to debut in 2024. It brings the father-daughter duo back to FOX, where they were featured on the popular Beat Shazam for multiple seasons.

Following Foxx’s scare, it was announced that he and Corinne were temporarily replaced on Beat Shazam by Nick Cannon and Kelly Osborne. Cannon will take over hosting duties, while Osborne will be the DJ for the show’s upcoming season.

Source says Jamie Foxx has a ‘long road ahead’ for recovery

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, boxing legend Mike Tyson might have accidentally revealed Foxx’s condition, saying he “heard it was a stroke” the actor suffered, resulting in his hospitalization and rehabilitation.

However, that has not been confirmed by any official reports or Foxx’s family. The actor has been in a Chicago rehab facility specializing in several conditions, including strokes, spinal cord issues, and traumatic brain injuries.

Based on the source’s comments from OK! Mag, Foxx only wants his daughter Corinne to share any updates as necessary, as he “trusts her the most.”

Foxx, 55, was hospitalized on April 12 while filming for an upcoming Netflix movie, Back In Action. As the actor was hospitalized and treated for the undisclosed medical emergency, filming eventually resumed, albeit with stunt and body doubles filling in for Foxx.

His co-star Cameron Diaz also continued filming along with other actors in the project. As of this report, it’s unknown when the film will arrive on Netflix. Foxx has that on the way, along with providing his voice in the live-action comedy Strays, which will hit theaters on August 18. The actor has several other projects in the works, including his new game show next year.

The source also indicated it’s a “long road ahead” for the star of critically-acclaimed movies, including Django Unchained and Ray. However, “everyone is being very optimistic — including Jamie,” the source said.

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