Jamie Foxx is ‘recovering well’ according to family, but concerns growing about his future career

jamie foxx at American Black Film Festival Honors Awards Ceremony
Jamie Foxx has remained unseen in public or on social media since his April health scare. Pic credit: ©

Actor Jamie Foxx is “recovering well” following his health scare and hospitalization months ago, which took him away from the public eye and his Hollywood career.

Based on details from sources close to the family, being away from everyone and the lack of details about Foxx’s situation may be causing concerns about his future career.

It was reported in April that the Oscar-winning actor had been hospitalized while filming Back In Action, an upcoming Netflix film that co-stars Cameron Diaz.

Soon after, Foxx’s daughter Corinne provided an update in which she said her father had suffered a “medical complication” and requested privacy for the family.

Since then, there have been varying reports based on unsubstantiated sources, claiming to have inside details about Foxx’s health situation. One such report based on rumors from “sources” claimed Foxx’s inner circle might be “preparing for the worst.”

That speculation made headlines, leading to Corinne Foxx’s second update to let everyone know her dad had left the hospital in Atlanta and was “recuperating.” However, since then, Corinne hasn’t shared any social media updates about her father.

Family says Jamie Foxx is ‘recovering well’ after health scare?

As of late June, Jamie Foxx is “recovering well,” according to a Page Six exclusive, which mentions a source close to the actor’s family provided the update.

The actor was initially hospitalized in April, with no additional details about his “medical complication” while in Atlanta, Georgia. Rumors suggested the actor may have suffered a stroke, but that remains unconfirmed by Foxx, his family, or anyone representing the actor.

As of this report, Foxx is currently believed to be staying at a Chicago rehabilitation facility, where he’s recuperating from his health scare months ago.

Apart from reports with photos of family members and friends visiting the Academy Award winner at said facility, no photos or videos have been released anywhere showing Foxx since his April health scare.

Concerns may be growing about Jamie Foxx’s Hollywood career

While the source close to Foxx’s family gave a positive update about his health, they also expressed there may be growing concerns about the actor’s Hollywood career due to the silence about his situation.

Foxx, 55, has appeared in numerous television shows and movies during his career, with early appearances on In Living Color and The Jamie Foxx Show and eventually roles in movies such as Ray, which earned him an Academy Award.

With the actor unseen since April’s health scare and not many additional updates released by Foxx’s family or representatives, those working on projects with the actor may be worried.

Soon after his initial health scare, it was reported that Nick Cannon and Kelly Osborne would take over on FOX’s Beat Shazam for Foxx and his daughter Corinne. As of this writing, the status of Netflix’s Back In Action remains unclear, although other projects that Foxx filmed have recently been released.

Foxx appears in several movies over the next few months

With Back In Action uncertain, three upcoming movies seem certain. Recently, director Nick Cassavetes’ action thriller, God is a Bullet was released in limited theaters, featuring Foxx as The Ferryman. The movie, which also stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Maika Monroe, has received poor reviews thus far from critics, per Rotten Tomatoes.

In addition, the Netflix movie They Cloned Tyrone premiered earlier this month in Miami, Florida. It co-stars Foxx alongside John Boyega and Teyonah Parris. Foxx was not at the premiere, although his co-stars were there and commented about the actor’s situation.

Foxx’s social media account had been mostly dormant since an Instagram post on May 3 in which he, or someone else, expressed gratitude for all the love and support sent his way as he recovered.

However, the trailer for Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone popped up on his Instagram feed on June 13, suggesting that Foxx was back on social media or that someone else had shared it on his page. Fans flooded the comment section to express continued concern over the actor’s health, with some even demanding an update.

The movie They Cloned Tyrone wrapped filming in April 2021 and officially arrives on Netflix streaming in July. In addition, Foxx is among the actors who lent their voices to the R-rated live-action dog comedy, Strays, due out August 21. Foxx’s daughter also revealed she and her dad would be part of We Are Family, a new musical game show coming to FOX next year.

As various movies release, friends and fans wait to see if an official update arrives about Foxx, who likely wants to return to his work in the entertainment world as soon as he feels his health is back on track.

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