GMA’s Robin Roberts calls co-host Michael Strahan wrong name during live TV moment

gma star robin roberts face shot from episode on abc
Robin Roberts may have forgotten her co-hosts name on GMA in an on-air blunder. Pic credit: ABC

Robin Roberts’ on-air blunder involving Michael Strahan is among Good Morning America’s highlight moments this year.

Roberts and Strahan have been co-hosting together again with George Stephanopolous following Strahan’s lengthy absence.

The former NFL star was out for nearly two weeks but returned to his spot in the studio last month.

He’d been away for “personal family matters,” with no further details revealed about the situation.

Upon his return to GMA, Strahan told Roberts and Stephanopolous it was good to be back with them.

However, Roberts seemingly forgot her co-host’s name based on her funny mistake during another GMA moment.

Roberts called Strahan the wrong name on GMA

Good Morning America rolled out a highlight video earlier this week featuring humorous moments from this past year.

“We can’t stop laughing after reliving our funniest moments of 2023! 😂” the caption said.

Strahan was featured in several moments, including highlights featuring actor Chris Pratt and ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith.

However, a particular moment featured Robin Roberts as she messed up her co-host’s name while seated at the desk beside him.

“We have Michael Jordan,” Roberts said as she pointed to Strahan before realizing her mistake.

“Michael Jordan,” she said, laughing, “Michael Strahan.”

“Hey, the GOAT!” Strahan exclaimed as he pointed a finger in the air and smiled.

Another of the funny moments had Roberts asking about seeing Strahan wearing a kilt.

“I have worn a kilt before,” Strahan confessed, with Roberts asking if anyone could “find a photo.”

Soon after, a camera phone revealed Strahan in a red vest and kilt as if modeling for a fashion show.

Additional moments featured Ryan Seacrest, Lara Spencer, and Stephanopolous admitting he is one of “the biggest Swifties.”  

Roberts is preparing for a holiday getaway

With only a few weeks left in the year, GMA will feature additional content to prepare everyone for the holidays and journey into 2024.

Roberts previously admitted she might be taking extended time away from her hosting duties.

The longtime ABC anchor and GMA co-host revealed she and her wife, Amber Laign, are going on a trip to a warm and cozy paradise.

Roberts indicated they were heading to Key West, where she’d enjoy bike rides with her wife and their puppy, Lukas, and check out all the Christmas lights and decorations.

“But above all, l am most looking forward to the warm and comforting feeling of togetherness, just like when I was a young child,” she said.

Roberts didn’t specify when she might be away from GMA, but viewers shouldn’t be surprised if they see her away from the desk for an extended break.

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