Michael Strahan returns to Good Morning America after missing over two weeks

michael strahan on november 15 gma
Michael Strahan was all smiles on GMA after returning to the show. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Strahan was back on Good Morning America, returning to the show after an absence of over two weeks from the ABC show.

After returning to live television on Sunday, the 51-year-old missed the past few episodes of this week’s GMA, which may have raised concerns for some viewers.

However, Strahan returned to TV for Fox NFL Sunday alongside his colleagues to discuss the Week 10 games.

This past Sunday’s episode of the Fox show took place in Colorado, the United States Air Force Academy site.

In standard fashion, he skipped Monday’s GMA episode as usual during the NFL season due to working elsewhere with Fox’s NFL program.

He was out again from Tuesday’s GMA, but viewers saw Strahan’s smiling face in his big return on Wednesday.

Strahan returns to Good Morning America

On November 15, former NFL star Michael Strahan reemerged on GMA alongside his co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

“Good Morning America,” Strahan said at the show’s start before helping introduce the day’s top news stories.

“Can I just say we have tears of joy because Michael is back here?” Roberts said shortly after.

“It’s great to be back with both of you! Thank you guys,” Strahan said.

In a later part of the show, Roberts talked about some of the stars in the studio for GMA’s episode and referred to her colleague as Michael Jordan instead of Strahan.

“Hey, the GOAT!” Strahan said as he flashed a big smile, and Roberts chuckled over her mistake.

Wednesday’s episode marked Strahan’s first appearance on GMA since October 26.

michael strahan robin roberts and george stephonopolous on gma
Michael Strahan appears on Wednesday, November 15’s GMA episode. Pic credit: Hulu

During his lengthy absence from GMA, Rebecca Jarvis and Linsey Davis were among the ABC anchors who replaced Strahan as hosts on the show.

As mentioned, the former New York Giants star returned to Fox this weekend for his first official live TV appearance. Strahan had been seen in pre-recorded episodes of The $100,000 Pyramid during his GMA hiatus.

The game show, which Strahan has hosted since it returned to ABC in 2016, airs on Wednesday evenings.

Strahan remains silent on social media

While viewers have now seen Strahan appear on his regular TV shows, Fox NFL Sunday and Good Morning America, he’s remained inactive on social media.

His daughter, Sophia, returned to social media last week with photos of herself with friends and enjoying a basketball game for her college, Duke University.

Her father’s last Instagram post was a jointly-shared video clip on October 25 promoting an upcoming Pyramid episode on ABC.

A new episode of Pyramid will air on ABC on Wednesday, November 15, featuring former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander vs. comedian Pete Holmes. In addition, actress Ali Larter takes on actor Michael Urie with contestants attempting to win cash prizes.

While Strahan returned to his Fox and ABC shows within the past week, he has not revealed the “personal family matters” that kept him away from live TV.

However, his return to Good Morning America and Fox NFL Sunday is the best news for everyone, as viewers were concerned with the Pro Football Hall of Famer’s well-being and family situation.

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