Robin Roberts missing from GMA following cryptic comments

robin roberts on good morning america
Robin Roberts was absent from her second straight Friday episode of GMA without explanation. Pic credit: Hulu

Good Morning America viewers likely noticed Robin Roberts was missing from the program’s recent episode.

The longtime GMA anchor was absent from Friday’s episode, which she’s appeared on before.

In addition, co-host Michael Strahan was missing, although his absence for a second straight week was explained via ABC.

However, Roberts being away from the show came after she’d shared some cryptic comments.

The popular TV personality had previously indicated on GMA that she was “in a mood.”

She appeared on Thursday’s program and showed no signs of being sick, making her absence from GMA the next day curious.

Robin admits she’s ‘in a mood’ ahead of absence

Earlier this week, Robin shared her morning message and prayer on social media, something she does regularly. However, her Wednesday Wisdom edition brought some interesting remarks from the GMA anchor.

“I came in this morning in a mood and contemplated whether or not to post but my glam fam came to the rescue so here is a bit of our Wednesday wisdom #cmon,” Roberts captioned her video clip on Instagram.

In her clip, she spoke about believing that favor was in your life and that something good would happen. After Roberts concluded the prayer, she said two members of her “Glam Fam” were blessings for her this morning.

Roberts didn’t provide additional details about her mood or why she almost didn’t post her message and prayer like she regularly does.

Roberts provided an update before her absence

While Roberts may have been in a mood on Wednesday, her morning message and prayer for Thursday had a different tone.

Roberts appeared more upbeat than usual as she presented her social media segment, indicating, “What a difference a day makes.”

In her video, Roberts said, “You helped me get through it,” and spoke about how sometimes we want something so bad we “fall out of balance.” She talked about falling behind and how we “start to panic.”

One of Roberts’ Glam Fam members spoke about what she felt grateful for as part of the Thursday video.

“Have yourself a blessed day and be a blessing,” Roberts said to close out her video.

While she appeared on Thursday’s GMA, she then missed the Friday, November 9, episode, her second straight missed Friday for the show.

When Good Morning America opened for the day, viewers saw anchor George Stephanopolous at the desk alongside fill-in co-hosts Rebecca Jarvis and DeMarco Morgan.

Jarvis had been a replacement for Strahan in recent weeks, and it was revealed earlier this week that he was away due to “personal family matters” for the past two weeks.

However, Roberts’ absence remains unexplained, and it’s unknown if the popular GMA co-host will be back in the studio for Monday’s episode.

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