GMA’s Michael Strahan can’t stop laughing during guest’s hilarious appearance on live TV

gma host michael strahan face shot from 2023 episode on abc
GMA’s Michael Strahan lost it during his live interview with Keegan-Michael Key. Pic credit: ABC

Based on a recent Good Morning America segment, Michael Strahan thoroughly enjoyed a celebrity guest’s appearance.

Strahan, 52, appeared on a GMA’s episode earlier this week and spoke with comedian and actor Keegan-Michael Key.

Key is among the stars in the new movie Wonka, a prequel to the classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film. Wonka presents the origin story of chocolatier Willy Wonka, with Timothee Chalamet in the lead role.

During the sit-down interview in the GMA studio, Strahan mentioned that it’s been a decade since Key’s sitcom, Key & Peele, co-starring Jordan Peele, was on television.

He said he and his Fox NFL Sunday colleague Howie Long always laugh at Key’s funny skit involving football and announcing players’ names.

Strahan then mentioned Key’s iconic substitute teacher character, Mr. Garvey, saying it was “the one that has the memes and everyone goes back to.”

Strahan can’t stop laughing at Key in character mispronouncing names

Strahan asked his guest how Mr. Garvey would say his Wonka co-star Timothee Chalamet’s name.

“Oh, you talkin’ bout um…You talkin’ bout ‘Timofee Shalamett?'” Key asked in the voice of his Mr. Garvey character as he intentionally mispronounced the name.

“He’s one of my favorite new actors. I love that kid. That kid is good,” Key continued as Strahan lost it.

“I’m gonna tell you somethin’ else, ‘Mikhail Strayhawn,'” Key said as he butchered Strahan’s name in his character’s voice.

“That kid goin’ places. He gonna make movies, man,” Key said as Strahan and others continued laughing during the hilarious live segment.

“I tell you, if he’s in a movie with you, he’s in the right movie,” Strahan said, complimenting Key, who told the GMA host that was “sweet” of him.

Strahan preparing for holidays amid TV jobs

Earlier this week, Strahan shared photos of himself looking cozy on a couch with his beloved dogs, Enzo and Zuma, seated before him. Nearby was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

“Nothing better then Enzo and Zuma to put a smile on my face…. Of course they wanted a treat so it wasn’t unconditional. LOL,” Strahan captioned his Instagram carousel post.

The former NFL New York Giants star and Pro Football Hall of Famer had missed considerable time from his job at ABC’s GMA and Fox’s Fox NFL Sunday. After nearly three weeks away, he returned to his live Fox job first before returning for GMA.

During his hiatus, an ABC representative indicated that Strahan’s missed time was due to “personal family matters.” Upon his return, Strahan didn’t reveal his family situation but told his GMA co-hosts it was good to be back on the show.

He hasn’t mentioned any plans to take additional time off from GMA or Fox NFL Sunday for the holidays. However, Strahan told Good Housekeeping that he anticipated spending more time with his family as part of his holiday season plans.

“I’m looking forward to having my kids home from college for the holidays. It’s just the togetherness and comfort of family because that’s the most important thing in life!” Strahan said.

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