Kylie Jenner reportedly feeling ‘secure and confident’ in Timothee Chalamet romance

Kylie Jenner Selfie
Kylie Jenner feels “confident and secure” with Timothee Chalamet. Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Despite her family’s reality television career, Kylie Jenner generally keeps her life out of the spotlight, but she’s doing the opposite with her latest romance.

Now that Kylie and Timothee Chalamet have gone official, they have wasted no time showing PDA whenever they’re out together, as we saw during the Beyonce concert they attended.

Apparently, confidence is key when it comes to this new romance.

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A source told ET that Kylie “feels like she can be herself with him,” and she “really likes that.” Plus, “she is confident and secure in their relationship.”

Not only that, but the two apparently “also connect on a deep level.”

“Timothée is also a family man and they relate to each other about that,” the source says. “Kylie’s friends and family think Timothée is great and love seeing her happy.”

Kylie and Timothee packed on the PDA at a Beyonce concert

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the pair got pretty steamy at a Beyonce concert, their first public debut.

The news came after breakup rumors had begun to swirl about the couple, but clearly, that’s not the case.

Now that the romance is out in the open, fans can worry about more relevant things to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, such as their feuds.

If this romance has brought anything, fans are convinced that Kylie and her ex, Travis Scott, are now feuding.

However, rumors of an alleged feud aren’t stopping Kylie and Timothee, as they were spotted only a week after the Beyonce concert getting hot and heavy at the US Open.

Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet attended the US Open together

Bey’s concert isn’t the only place the two were spotted getting close and packing on the PDA, as they were seen doing the same at the US Open only a week later.

An eyewitness tells ET the two were “all over each other.”

“They were in the private [Cadillac] suite. They made small talk with some of the other celebrity guests in the suite, but really, they just had eyes for each other — and the match,” says the eyewitness. “Kylie was drinking a Grey Goose Honey Deuce cocktail, which is the U.S. Open signature cocktail.”

The eyewitness adds, “They really didn’t seem to care who saw them. They knew they were being photographed, but that didn’t stop the PDA! They genuinely seem so happy and really into each other.”

The Kardashians Season 4 premieres Thursday, September 28, on Hulu.

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