Britney Spears still ‘isolated’ from family while going through divorce

Britney Spears on the red carpet
Britney Spears is still not on the best of terms with her family. Pic credit: ©

It looks like Britney Spears may be dealing with her divorce from Sam Asghari on her own.

Following the end of her conservatorship, the star is still reportedly not close with the rest of her family, including her mom Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn.

Britney met Lynne in May for about 30 minutes, but their relationship is apparently fractured from everything they’ve been through.

An insider told Page Six she’s not “on good terms with her family” right now.

“Her meeting with her mom [Lynne Spears in May] went OK, but there’s still a lot of hurt there, so they haven’t quite reconciled,” the source continued. “Britney is still very angry with [her sister] Jamie Lynn [Spears], too.”

Now that she doesn’t have Sam, she’s “especially isolated,” but she “is hanging in there, all things considered.”

Sam Asghari reportedly caught Britney cheating on him with a house staffer

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Sam alleges that he caught Britney in a compromising position with a house staff member, which ultimately led to their split.

She was caught in a compromising position and allegedly asked a house staff member to film her naked, which Sam wasn’t thrilled with.

At this time, Britney has not spoken out about the allegations or her divorce and seems to be focusing on herself instead and the idea of getting a horse and analyzing artwork on Instagram.

Kevin Federline wishes the best for Britney and Sam

Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline did send his best regards to the couple through his attorney and wants things to work out in whichever way is the best for both parties.

He isn’t necessarily hoping for Britney and Sam to stay together and reconcile but rather wants them to do what’s best, whether separating or staying together.

Ultimately, it sounds like Kevin wants this to be a clean break or a clean fix without a lot of unnecessary added drama.

Only time will tell how things will play out between the two, as Britney has been quiet about the subject, though we know that Sam is going for spousal support and wants Britney to pay his attorneys’ fees for the divorce.

Plus, Sam’s attorneys are reportedly looking at the prenup agreement and seeing if anything can be changed, so it seems like Sam is coming for Britney’s money in one way or another following their split.

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