Kevin Federline hopes Britney Spears can make things work with Sam Asghari

Britney Spears up close
Kevin Federline is wishing Britney Spears and Sam Asghari the best. Pic credit: © Sadou/Admedia

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari may be going through a divorce, but Britney isn’t alone.

Her ex Kevin Federline is sending good thoughts their way, hoping things can work out.

“He just hopes that they work it out,” Kevin’s longtime attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said.

“The media is a heavy focus on this one,” he said, adding, “and he just hopes that everything works out for the best, whether that’s being together or not being together.”

Kevin’s attorney added that Kevin just wants the two to “make good decisions and work out, either go their separate ways or get back together.”

“Whatever is best for them. He wishes her the best.”

Sam Asghari files for divorce from Britney Spears

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Sam and Britney separated, and Sam officially filed for divorce on Wednesday this week.

The two have reportedly been separated since the end of July, and it’s said that Sam is living in his own place away from Britney.

At this time, they are looking at the possibility of renegotiating the prenup as part of the divorce, along with Sam seeking spousal support and for Britney to pay his attorney fees.

Although there are allegations that Britney cheated on Sam which led to their separation, sources close to the two have revealed additional details about their relationship that led to the split.

Sam Asghari was reportedly seen with a black eye and bite marks earlier this year

One of the source’s claims is that Britney and Sam had explosive arguments that got violent many times, often with security getting between the two to prevent things from escalating.

However, a source alleges one incident where security was not involved.

Apparently, there was one night earlier this year when Sam was in bed, and Britney woke him up by hitting him and “flying off the handle.” Sam reportedly did not hit back but watched as she experienced this episode, and he was left with a black eye.

There were some paparazzi pictures of him with an apparent black eye, though he tried to avoid the cameras and asked not to have his picture taken at the time.

A source and family members have alleged that Britney also keeps knives in every room of the house as she is worried that someone is out to get her and that she will need to protect herself.

Although there were no incidents with knives and Sam released to the media, the fact that the knives were hidden around the house was a source of unrest.

At this time, Britney has made no comments about her separation from Sam or the allegations against her.

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