Britney Spears shares intense post about pregnancy, messy Sam, Paris Hilton, and the devil

Britney Spears talks pregnancy, Paris Hilton, and Sam Asghari in lengthy Instagram post.
Britney Spears talks pregnancy, Paris Hilton, and Sam Asghari. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears shared a lengthy post on Instagram with tons of emojis and a lot of information.

Britney’s latest post was, at times, hard to follow. She revealed information about her infamous nights out with Paris Hilton, discussed her first two pregnancies, and her “husband’s messiness.”

The pop star frequently posts videos where she plays dress-up, but she also shares anecdotes about her life. Britney revealed her pregnancy on Instagram after fans speculated for a couple of months. She had previously said she was not allowed to get pregnant because of her conservatorship.

Britney’s latest post offered insight into her life but it was promptly deleted.

Britney Spears talks about Sam’s messiness, nights out with Paris Hilton

Britney Spears shared a series of notes with several emojis to reveal what was on her mind. The pregnant pop star discusses her first pregnancies, her ex-husband Kevin, and her paparazzi run-ins with Paris.

Britney said Sam Asghari is messy but that she doesn’t let him know that it bothers her. She wrote, “I’ve honestly given up on getting mad with the way my husband is so messy… sometimes it’s better to make your man think you don’t really care… its pretty powerful.” 

Britney Spears Instagram post 1
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Then Britney quipped about pretending like she doesn’t care, “I mean I learned from the best… my family.”

Next, Britney launched into a discussion about morning sickness and other pregnant women. She wrote, “it blows my mind how some of these women on Instagram are running hardcore pregnant. Hey… if you can do that great, but I’m lazy as hell.”

Britney later discussed her infamous nights with Paris Hilton. She wrote, “I had my baby and went out literally 2 times with Paris and it was all over the news like I was a party girl… Whatever.“ 

She added, “It’s over now, and I’ve made my peace with it.”

Britney also shared that her mother, Lynne Spears, only held her baby once for 5 seconds.

Britney Spears Instagram post 2
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram
Britney Spears comment
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

One fan commented, “This was ALOT to unpack,” about Britney’s post. Another encouraging commenter wrote, “Do whatever makes you happy.”

Britney Spears hopes she doesn’t turn into the devil during pregnancy

Britney’s Instagram post also shared that she was lazy and indicated a hope that her pregnancy would be different this time around, with the help of food. 

Britney Spears Instagram post 3
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Britney has suffered morning sickness during her latest pregnancy. She said, “ “I don’t like this nauseous thing in the morning.”

Britney wrote, “I hope I don’t turn into the devil like I did with my first 2 pregnancies. I think food will make me nice, and you WILL NOT find me doing cardio.”

Dancing is cardio, and Britney has posted dancing videos in the past. Time will tell if Britney gives up those videos, too.

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