Britney Spears slams Lynn Spears, says she’s worse than the mom in Crossroads

Britney Spears
Britney Spears claims her real mother was worse than her on-screen mother. Pic credit: © West/AcePixs

Britney Spears’ character shared a complex dynamic with her mother in the movie Crossroads. Although Britney’s on-screen mother was cruel, her real-life mother was even worse. So says Britney in a new social media post that featured a clip from her first film. 

Britney Spears starred in the film Crossroads with Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning, which just celebrated a significant anniversary. The film was about a Georgia teen who took a road trip with friends to make it big in Los Angeles. 

Britney shared a clip from the movie and the revelation on her Instagram. The singer and dancer has not been in a feature film since Crossroads. 

Britney Spears claims Lynn Spears is worse than her mom in Crossroads

Britney shared a clip from her film Crossroads on Instagram. Britney’s on-screen mother was unsupportive of her journey to stardom in Los Angeles. But according to Britney, her actual mom Lynne Spears was even worse.

A young Britney appeared in the clip, which is just under one minute long. Britney’s character Lucy cries on the bathroom floor in the short clip. 

Britney wrote in the caption, “Scene in a movie I did a ways back !!! When I realized my whole journey to find my mom … and she doesn’t want to see me !!! I know … PRETTY F***ING SAD !!! I mean ??? … Psss I mean it’s actually less worse than what my mom did to me in real life so…”

As is usual for Britney’s posts, the comments section was full of support for the recently freed singer.

Crossroads turns 20 this year

Crossroads came out in 2002, which means 2022 is the 20th anniversary of the movie’s release.

Britney Spears starred as Lucy, a Georgia teen determined to make it in Hollywood. Lucy goes on a road trip with her childhood friends and gets resistance from her on-screen mother, played by Kim Catrall. Shonda Rhimes wrote the screenplay, which was Britney’s first major film. 

Director Tamra Davis said Britney was a big fan of Sex and the City. She explained, “That was her favorite show. That’s why we went with her. Kim is who we wanted and we’re so excited that she would do this. She was a Britney fan, so we had a fantastic time. That was a dream scenario.” 

Davis continued, “[Spears] hired Shonda to write the script and she worked really closely with her. It was incredibly exciting. Shonda was just this incredibly intelligent force to be reckoned with.”

Davis conveyed a desire to get the cast together again and potentially create a sequel.

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