Ben Baller blasts Kanye West over Kid Cudi drama, refuses to make dove chain for controversial rapper

ben baller blasts kanye west over kid cudi drama
Ben Baller at A24’s Uncut Gems Los Angeles Premiere at The Dome at Arclight Hollywood. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

High-profile jeweler Ben Baller says he’s had several requests to make a dove chain exclusively for Kanye West but refuses to do so following the rapper’s drama with his friend Kid Cudi.

West, who now goes by Ye, has been calling out many people online in the past several weeks, with Pete Davidson his main target in many Instagram posts.

However, he also shared some thoughts about Kid Cudi, taking aim at him for being friends with Davidson. Ben Baller recently gave his thoughts on the matter, mentioning that he’d been asked to create a unique chain for Ye, but he’s not going to make it now.

Ben Baller gives thoughts about Kanye’s beef with Kid Cudi

After Ben Baller shared his thoughts on Twitter about Kanye West this past weekend, TMZ got some further explanation from him about the situation.

Their report included Baller’s since-deleted tweets, including one where he mentions how his friend Kid Cudi, real name Scott Mescudi, asked him to make a dove chain for Kanye two years ago. He says Justin Laboy asked the same for Kanye a few months ago.

Baller also mentioned he saw Kanye recently, and Ye asked when he would make him the chain.

“Never b***h! You even smell like coochie. Scott my bro for life,” one of Baller’s deleted tweets said, per TMZ’s report.

“I ain’t making no weak a** lame dove chain for that mental case,” he said in part of another since-deleted tweet.

In a recent video where TMZ spoke with Baller out on the streets, he expanded upon his thoughts about Kanye’s “awkward” and “weird” situation with Cudi.

“I got no problem with him really directly, really, you know what I mean? But it’s like he’s attacking, you know- like we have a mutual friend, you know I’m close with Cudi, and he’s obviously close to them. So, it’s just like a weird situation like, you know, Cudi didn’t even know what the hell he was talking about. He just got back from Paris, like he’s just chilling and then Ye just attacks him,” Baller said.

“I ended up deleting my tweets because I seen he took down the posts, but then I seen he went nuclear after that so like I don’t really know. But don’t bully Scott, he’s like the nicest guy in the world, like go after somebody else. I understand you got a problem with what’s his face,” he told TMZ.

Baller indicated he wasn’t going to let his friend Cudi “start catching bullets for no reason,” which is why he got involved in the situation.

Baller has strong suggestion for where Ye’s focus should be

The Kanye and Kid Cudi drama arrived after Ye posted that Cudi would not be on his upcoming album Donda 2, slated for release on February 22. Ye stated that was due to Cudi’s friendship with Pete Davidson, who is currently dating Kim Kardashian.

Over the past several months, Ye has been attempting to get back with Kim, who filed for divorce last February. She began dating Davidson after her appearance on Saturday Night Live last October, and now Davidson has become a regular target for Ye on his Instagram.

Davidson recently rejoined Instagram, and Kanye became one of his many followers. However, the SNL star has yet to follow Kanye back and may never do so.

As far as Ben Baller’s thoughts on what Kanye should focus on, he believes he needs to worry about his kids, not all the online stuff.

“Get off the internet. Get off the internet. Just focus on your kids. Be a solid father to your kids. I get it. You still want to put these albums out and whatever, and you still want to be an icon and everything,” Baller said, adding, “I would literally just focus on my children.”

Kanye shares four children with Kim Kardashian, two of which Ye attended Super Bowl 56 with this past Sunday in Los Angeles.

He’s shared many Instagram posts over the past several weeks regarding the importance of his kids and wanting to regain his family. However, those IG posts have all been deleted.

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