Who won Survivor 37? Season finale packs a punch

The season finale just revealed who won Survivor 37. It was a busy night, though, with the final six castaways all competing for the $1 million prize. The night started with a two-hour episode, covering the final days that the cast members were on the island. It then wrapped up with a one-hour Survivor Reunion

When does Survivor return to CBS? Survivor Season 38 schedule revealed

The Survivor 38 schedule has been revealed, even before David vs Goliath has come to an end. That will provide a quick turnaround time for CBS to start promoting the next installment. The Season 37 finale date is Wednesday, December 19. That’s when CBS viewers will find out the winner of David vs Goliath, as

Survivor cast 2018: Contestant, banned from finale date, might appear after all

The 2018 Survivor finale date has nearly arrived. There could be a number of surprises waiting from the Survivor cast. Many viewers may already know that the season has been wrapped up in a bit of controversy. It was recently revealed that one of the castaways may have cheated this season. That information came out

Survivor spoilers: Did Season 37 winner get caught cheating?

Some possible Survivor spoilers have been posted on social media — which could be a potentially huge bombshell for the show. With the Survivor season finale set to air on Wednesday night, it looks like there could be a lot of drama set to take place. The information was posted on Twitter from a source

When is NCIS: Los Angeles return date on CBS? Season 10 episodes set

CBS has already revealed the NCIS: Los Angeles return date. This information has been announced ahead of the fall finale, allowing viewers to plan down the road for the midseason episodes. According to CBS, the first midseason episode of NCIS: Los Angeles will take place on Sunday, January 6. That day will bring an end

When does The Walking Dead return? AMC reveals midseason schedule

The Walking Dead return can now be placed on our calendars. AMC revealed its midseason schedule, letting viewers of TWD know when it is time to tune in for the new episodes. Season 9 has already had quite a few notable events take place. The character of Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) took part in

Survivor Cast 2018: Who are the final six castaways?

The 2018 Survivor cast has been a very interesting one, partially because of the theme. Called David vs Goliath, the 18 castaways either come from a place of privilege or have had to scratch claw their way through life. Social media is buzzing about the fall 2018 finale, which is set to take place on Wednesday,