Who went home on Big Brother tonight? A houseguest gets evicted

Cliff Hogg Playing Big Brother
Cliff Hogg was the winner of Camp Comeback during Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS

The houseguest who went home on Big Brother tonight was predictable for many fans who have been watching the CBS live feed closely.

As a quick reminder, Cliff Hogg was the Head of Household this past week. He got the power right after he won the Camp Comeback Competition. It was a huge turnaround for the older guy.

During the July 24 episode, it was revealed that Jackson Michie had won the Power of Veto. He saved himself from the block and Cliff replaced him with Isabella Wang.

This put Bella and Jack Matthews on the block for the next Eviction Ceremony.

Who went home on Big Brother tonight?

There were 10 votes in play during Season 21, Episode 14. It meant that it just took six votes to decide who would be evicted next.

Christie Murphy, Analyse Talavera, Jackson Michie, Nicole Anthony, Kathryn Dunn, Jessica Milagros, Holly Allen, and Tommy Bracco all voted to evict Bella.

Nick Maccarone and Sam Smith were the only houseguests who voted against Jack. That might be a tad surprising for a number of CBS viewers.

By a vote of 8-2, it was Bella who got sent home on Big Brother 21. That leaves just 12 people competing for the $500,000 prize this summer.

The cast will now take part in a live Endurance Challenge on the live feeds. It will help decide who becomes the new Head of Household in the game.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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