Big Brother spoilers 2019: New HOH reveals nominees

Julie Chen BB21 Host
Julie Chen shown hosting Season 21 of Big Brother. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother spoilers have come from the live feeds on Friday morning. The new HOH, who was crowned late Thursday night, has already revealed her plan for the upcoming Nomination Ceremony.

To become the new Head of Household, Holly Allen had to win an Endurance Challenge. It all took place on the live feeds, with subscribers getting to see an intense battle between Holly and Analyse Talavera.

Holly spent a lot of time celebrating with Jackson Michie and Christie Murphy, foreshadowing that they are definitely safe while she has the HOH crown. That was a predictable facet of what has been taking place in the house.

Big Brother spoilers 2019: Holly’s HOH noms

On Friday morning, Holly revealed to her alliance that she is planning to nominate Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone. She confirmed this bit of information with Analyse.

It’s not surprising that Holly is going after Sam and Nick, as these are two people outside of her six-person alliance. They used to both be aligned with her, as part of a nine-person alliance, but that time has come to an end.

At some point later on Friday (July 26), the official Nomination Ceremony will take place. That’s where these nominees will be confirmed, but there is an expectation that nothing should change between now and then.

It’s probably the end of the road for Nick if nothing changes at the Veto Ceremony this week, as the Six Shooters really want Nick and Bella to get evicted before the BB21 jury starts forming. Now they have the chance to do just that.

More Big Brother updates

Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco are going to receive Poison Ivy Punishments for falling in the HOH Competition. That could be something else that takes place on Friday.

Within the next week, the first America’s Vote of the summer 2019 season will take place. Fans will vote on which three houseguests they want to take a field trip. It could be seen as a punishment to leave the house and let everyone else continue chatting.

Amid everything else, the next Veto Competition will take place over the weekend, leading to even more Big Brother spoilers coming out on the feeds.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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