Big Brother: Who received Poison Ivy Punishments from HOH Comp?

Nicole Anthony Diary Room
Nicole Anthony is a member of the Big Brother 21 cast in summer 2019. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother dished out two Poison Ivy Punishments on Thursday night. It was a long night for the houseguests, as it began with an Eviction Ceremony that saw Isabella Wang getting sent home.

Before they went to the backyard for the Head of Household Competition, host Julie Chen let viewers know that it was called the Pose In Ivy Challenge. It was an Endurance Challenge, with the winner getting the HOH and two losers receiving Poison Ivy Punishments.

Live feed subscribers got to watch most of the competition play out, with Holly Allen winning the HOH. She did really well and proved that she can compete in some of the more difficult competitions.

Who received the Poison Ivy Punishments on Big Brother 21?

When people fell during the challenge, they had to choose a chip that denoted whether or not they would receive a punishment. Two of them had punishments associated with them.

The two houseguests receiving the Poison Ivy Punishments are Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco. It wasn’t revealed what those punishments are going to be, but Christie and Tommy were both nervous to have their names associated with them.

It’s possible that it simply means that Christie and Tommy are going to have to wear costumes in the house. Sometimes people are forced to wear unitards if they do badly in a challenge. That might be the case here. It will likely be officially revealed at some point on Friday. That could lead to some interesting Big Brother spoilers.

Big Brother 21 airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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