Grey’s Anatomy spoilers: Thatcher Grey returns to show, Jeff Perry reprises role

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers indicate that Thatcher Grey (Jeff Perry) is returning to the show. This is big news, as the character is the father of Meredith Grey, who has not always had the best relationship with his daughter. A preview of the upcoming episode was revealed showing Webber speaking with Meredith. He mentions that her

NCIS Recap: Halloween episode Beneath The Surface brings death, CIA intrigue

The October 30 episode of NCIS revolved around the mystery of two men found dead in a truckstop bathroom. There were several tie-ins to Halloween in the episode titled Beneath The Surface, including a spooky mystery taking place in the morgue, where a body had switched slabs overnight. The episode opened at a truck stop,

Who is Frankie Diamonds on Flipping Out?

Frankie Diamonds really wanted to impress Jeff Lewis when he got the job as project manager. When he first joined the crew, he was working with construction worker Paul and the two did not get along. Paul was fired and the responsibility fell on Frankie to run several properties while keeping the workers motivated and

Jim Madden and wife Heather: Who are couple that featured on Flipping Out?

On last night’s episode of Flipping Out, Heather Madden revealed her finished home to Jeff Lewis and his design team. Heather, who has been on the show for years, finally revealed that the remodel was complete. Heather was featured on Flipping Out a few seasons ago, sharing her desire to redo her kitchen. The remodel