NCIS Recap: Halloween episode Beneath The Surface brings death, CIA intrigue

Nick Torres on NCIS
Nick Torres made an appearance on the most recent episode of NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

The October 30 episode of NCIS revolved around the mystery of two men found dead in a truckstop bathroom. There were several tie-ins to Halloween in the episode titled Beneath The Surface, including a spooky mystery taking place in the morgue, where a body had switched slabs overnight.

The episode opened at a truck stop, with an unassuming customer coming across two dead bodies in the bathroom. The NCIS team reports to the scene, trying to discover what took place there. One of the victims is a Navy man, but they aren’t able to immediately identify the second victim.

NCIS Recap: Beneath the Surface

As the episode progresses, the team figures out that the mystery victim and starts to put together what took place in that bathroom. Navy Petty Officer Tim Buckley, likely an innocent bystander, died from a broken neck.

The presumed target, former Marine Anderson Kohl, had his throat slit from behind. It is soon revealed that Kohl has been killing people, but ended up a victim himself.

It turned out that Kohl was murdered because he refused a particular hit.

Nick Torres in crisis

A subplot to the October 30 episode, was that NCIS Agent Nick Torres knew Kohl from his FLETC class. Kohl washed out, due to authority problems, leading him down a different path in life. Torres saw Kohl as a mirror to himself, noting that one different turn could have led him down a darker route in life.

Though Torres ends up helping to solve the case, he is still troubled by how Kohl turned out. The video below shows an interaction he has with Gibbs toward the end of the episode.

This NCIS team ends up solving the case, helping the CIA in the process. Though it’s a difficult one for Agent Nick Torres, as he questions a lot about himself, he receives the perfect pep talk from Gibbs to get back on the right path.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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