Scott William Winters: Who was actor that played CIA Officer Westley Clark on NCIS?

Scott William Winters in Berlin Station
Scott William Winters is a very familiar face in television and film. Pic credit: Epix

Scott William Winters appeared for the second time on NCIS, when he guest-starred on the most recent episode of the show. Winters took on the role of CIA Officer Westley Clark and he became a central character to the new story.

The character of Clark appears about midway through the episode, silently walking into the NCIS war room as the team is discussing their current case. It turns out that the CIA has been tracking Anderson Kohl, someone who was found murdered at a truck stop earlier in the episode.

Kohl had been serving as a contract killer, popping up on the CIA radar, as a result. Clark states that the CIA is now looking for his handler, which leads him to the case that NCIS is working on.

Scott William Winters acting credits

Before his turn with the NCIS cast, Scott William Winters appeared in shows like Oz, Dexter, and Borgia. He was also in the films Good Will Hunting and The People vs. Larry Flynt.

More episodes for Scott William Winters?

The character of CIA Officer Westley Clark is quite mysterious, putting the NCIS team on edge during his appearance in the episode. Even after the criminals have been stopped, there is an uneasiness between Clark, Vance, and Jack Sloane.

The door has been left open for Scott William Winters to appear in more episodes, especially if NCIS needs the help from or decides to work with, the CIA.

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