Who is Frankie Diamonds on Flipping Out?

Frankie Diamonds
Frankie Diamonds was fired on last night’s episode of Flipping Out. Pic credit: Bravo

Frankie Diamonds really wanted to impress Jeff Lewis when he got the job as project manager. When he first joined the crew, he was working with construction worker Paul and the two did not get along.

Paul was fired and the responsibility fell on Frankie to run several properties while keeping the workers motivated and ensuring they were doing their job. However, that was easier said than done.

But who is Frankie Diamonds? Little is known about him other than his time on Flipping Out. In fact, he isn’t someone with social media profiles and he doesn’t appear to have a personal website or even a LinkedIn page.

Other than a brief IMDB where his work with Flipping Out is listed, we could find nothing about the man. He isn’t even listed on a list created by People Magazine of people who Jeff has cut ties with over the past 11 seasons.

Here’s what we do know about him from the show: Frankie has been on seven episodes of this 11th season. He was working in Las Vegas as Jeff’s driver when he was there.

Apparently, Lewis thought it would be a good idea for Frankie to move to Los Angeles and be a project manager for his properties. However, as the season progressed this year, it was clear that he had no managerial experience. He was given the title, Project Manager In Training.

During last night’s episode of Flipping Out, he was demoted from Project Manager to being the cleaning guy. He was now responsible for cleaning all of the property sites. However, Lewis wasn’t happy with his performance and they eventually agreed that Frankie Diamonds wasn’t suited for the job.

He was let go with a month’s severance pay, so there was no bad blood. Frankie was living in one of Jeff’s houses, and he joked that he would have to call the cops to get him removed. But it sounds like the split was amicable.

Since leaving Flipping Out, Frankie Diamonds seems to disappeared from the public eye. He may have gone back to Las Vegas and continued his work as a driver. It’s also possible he’s still in Los Angeles and will be featured on future episodes of Flipping Out, as the series still has a few episodes to go.

Flipping Out airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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