Bering Sea Gold: Haul for the Kellys plus season scoreboard

On tonight’s Bering Sea Gold episode titled Lady Luck the Kellys finally strike gold — only to find that their light goes out. The Kellys are waaaay behind on the scoreboard season gold tally before this week’s episode with a tiny 1.75oz haul worth a measly $2,275. They’ve got a lot of catching up to do

Horror movies in theaters and on Netflix this October

There’s no month scarier than October — but you don’t have to wait till Halloween to get your scares, as there’s great new selection of horror movies hitting theaters and Netflix. There are a seven major horror movies being released on the big screen, and if you’re too scared to go outside Netflix is also adding

Tyga wants aquarium filled with MONEY on Tanked

On Animal Planet’s Tanked this week, rapper Tyga wants a bank-vault aquarium that looks like it’s filled with MONEY. The multi-millionaire musician is kitting out his new home and shows fish tank experts Brett Raymer and Wayde King around to find a suitable place for the new water-filled addition. They settle on an enclave of

10 best Pokémon episodes of all time

In July 2016, Pokémon Go was released, and the world went crazy. Nostalgia-chasing people of all ages downloaded the app in order to catch their own Pokémon for the first time. These top ten episodes from the Pokémon: Indigo League series will remind you why you fell in love with Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu in the

The best kids movies in theaters this weekend (Sept 30, 2016)

It’s that time of the week again when parents are off and children need entertaining — so here’s a list of the best kids movies in theaters this weekend. The movies are ordered with the most recently released first. Check out the trailers and read the short descriptions for some inspiration of what you and your

Project Runway recap: Blacklight or Daylight?

Last week’s challenge to create a piece that would flatter any body shape was won by Laurence Basse — but Linda Marcus was booted out after her effort failed to impress the judges. This week on the episode Blacklight or Daylight? the challenge for the designers was to create an outfit that would look both

60 Days In: Fears as Ryan goes rogue and starts protecting the inmates

On 60 Days In this week, Ryan goes rogue as he starts to forget his undercover role in the prison and holds back information on the inmates. Spending time in such proximity with the other prisoners means Ryan is making friends and hearing things that he now doesn’t necessarily want to share. But Captain Scottie

Behind Bars: Rookie Year | Inmates’ plan to kill rookie CO exposed

On Behind Bars: Rookie Year this week, rookie CO Aaron Purto reveals a plan by inmates to send him to his maker. Aaron is just 5’4″ in height but makes up for it with his no-nonsense attitude which has led prisoners to dub him a “supercop”. However, as the inmates admit: “Those are the guys

Project Runway: One designer’s dress looks like a ‘crime scene’

On Project Runway this week, one of the designers totally fails in the challenge — creating a dress that the judges say looks like a “crime scene”. The episode, titled Blacklight or Daylight?, sees all the contestants create a piece for the runway which works both during the day and under blacklights like you might get at

Ice Road Truckers: Watch as rivals team up to face treacherous crossing

On Ice Road Truckers this week, rival firms team up to form a convoy over an extremely treacherous crossing — but they aren’t prepared for what’s coming next. It’s not long before the ice melts and the road they need to use has been closed by the authorities. But now they’ve agreed to open it just