60 Days In: Fears as Ryan goes rogue and starts protecting the inmates

Ryan tries to explain his actions to Captain Maples on this week's 60 Days In
Ryan tries to explain his actions to Captain Maples on this week’s 60 Days In

On 60 Days In this week, Ryan goes rogue as he starts to forget his undercover role in the prison and holds back information on the inmates.

Spending time in such proximity with the other prisoners means Ryan is making friends and hearing things that he now doesn’t necessarily want to share.

But Captain Scottie Maples, who has trainee cop Ryan undercover in the cells to try and stop the prison drug problem, is worried.

He says: “Ryan’s acting like an inmate. He’s going rogue on us.”

Captain Maples has to sit Ryan down to get to try and get to the bottom of the issue, with Ryan telling him: “I don’t feel like spilling everything.”

He tries to remind Ryan: “You’re not an inmate. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

Ryan says: “Not necessarily.”

Also on this week’s 60 Days In episode, titled Dangerous Loyalty, Ashleigh has a big realisation, while Quintin and Sheri struggle with their roles like Ryan is.

Meanwhile, Monalisa realises something about her daughter and Dion’s survival instincts are called for.

60 Days In airs Thursdays at 9/8c on A&E.

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