Horror movies in theaters and on Netflix this October

Ouija: Origin of Evil, one of the scariest-looking horror movies out in October 2016
Ouija: Origin of Evil is one of the scariest-looking horror movies out in October 2016

There’s no month scarier than October — but you don’t have to wait till Halloween to get your scares, as there’s great new selection of horror movies hitting theaters and Netflix.

There are a seven major horror movies being released on the big screen, and if you’re too scared to go outside Netflix is also adding two to their already extensive line-up that you can watch at home.

Here’s the scary movies are coming out on the big screen, and small screen, in October 2016.

New horror movies hitting theaters in October

There’s no better way to watch a horror film than on the big screen — where the scares are always BIGGER. Here’s what’s coming out in the horror genre this month in time for Halloween, in order of release.

Phantasm: Ravager (Oct 7)

This is the fourth and last instalment of the iconic series which first graced our screens back in 1979, ans sees Mike (A. Michael Baldwin) and Jody (Bill Thornbury) team up with Reggie Bannister’s Reggie to Battle The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm) It will have a limited theatrical release, but is a must-watch for diehard horror fans. It will also be available on VOD.

Jack Goes Home (Oct 14)

Starring Macaulay Culkin’s brother Rory, Jack Goes Home follows his character Jack as he goes home to Colorado following his father’s death — and discovers some dark family secrets.

Boo! A Madea Halloween (Oct 21)

Written and directed by Tyler Perry, Boo! A Madea Halloween is a horror comedy. It sees Perry’s character Mabel ‘Madea’ Simmons during Halloween as she looks after her great-niece Tiffany (Diamond White) and a group of badly-behaved teenagers — while coming up against a whole assortment of evil from killers to zombies and ghosts.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (Oct 21)

If you’re looking for some proper scares, this is the film that might do it judging by the trailer. It is the second film in the Ouija franchise and is a prequel to the original 2014 film, set 50 years in the past. A widow sets up a ouija scam to make money — but her daughter Doris becomes possessed.

31 (Oct 21)

31 is written and directed by heavy metal icon Rob Zombie, and takes place during Halloween in 1976 — when an RV full of carnival workers is ambushed. They have to survive 12 hours inside a maze of rooms in a terrifying building if they’re to make it out alive.

Fear, Inc (Oct 21)

Another comedy horror, Fear, Inc. tells the story of a horror nut who signs up to work for a business that helps people realise their fears.

New horror movies being added to Netflix in October

Netflix already has a serious number of horror movies in its catalogue, but it’s always good when there’s a refresh. There’s only two horror movies being added on October 1 (Netflix adds new movies on the first of the month), and here they are…

Queen of the Damned

One of the most underrated horror movies of all time, Queen of the Damned tells the story of the vampire Lestat who becomes a rockstar. His songs then cause the queen of all vampires to rise and wreak havoc. The trailer doesn’t do it justice as the story is much deeper than you’d at first think.

The Uninvited (2009)

A remake of the 2003 South Korean psychological horror film A Tale of Two Sisters. After time in a mental hospital, Anna Ivers goes back home to her sister Alex — but struggles to recover due to her stepmother’s cruel ways. And things get crazy when she starts to be visited by her dead mother.


Don’t miss American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)…

Arrives on Netflix October 4.

Check back next month for more new horror movies. 

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