Project Runway recap: Blacklight or Daylight?

Erin and her dress for the daylight to blacklight challenged, which wowed the Project Runway judges
Erin and her dress for the daylight to blacklight challenged, which wowed the Project Runway judges

Last week’s challenge to create a piece that would flatter any body shape was won by Laurence Basse — but Linda Marcus was booted out after her effort failed to impress the judges.

This week on the episode Blacklight or Daylight? the challenge for the designers was to create an outfit that would look both good during the day AND at night under a blacklight in a club.

But who would be able to shine bright and who would fall into the shadows?

The episode starts off in pure awkward style when Erin Robertson and Jenni Riccetti chat about how if you were in the bottom three in the previous week then you should really be questioning why you’re still in the competition at all.

Problem is, Kimber Richardson — who didn’t fare too well — is sitting right next to them. But she’s adamant she has nothing to prove to anybody.

The designers then head off to meet Heidi and Tim and find out what’s in store for the next challenge.

They head to the runway where the lights are out and Tim and Heidi’s clothes are positively glowing in the blacklights.

The idea is to create something for the busy woman on the go in today’s fast-paced world — ie someone who’s busy at work AND play.

So they have to create something that will be presented to the judges TWICE — once in daylight and once under the blacklight. Brik’s expression is priceless after his troubles last week when he hears what’s in store.

Next up, time to head to the studio which is full of neon ultra-violet reactive colored tapes, highlighters, paints and more — plus blacklights.

The designers have 24 hours to create their piece — with the winner getting a spread in Marie-Claire magazine.

Erin is into the challenge as soon as the clock starts ticking and is eyeing up a day in the street to “sex-bomb” at night look.

Meanwhile Rik Villa is keen on something that juxtaposes “hard and soft” in the different lights, Mah-Jing is inspired by his fiancee, while the nerves are showing for Cornelius.

Fast-forward to the runway where the guest judge is actress and model Jaime King.

Alex, Brik (amazingly) Dexter, Laurence, Nathalia, Tasha, Roberi, and Sara are all safe.

That means it’s Cornelius, Erin, Jenni, Kimber, Mah-jing and Rik are all at the mercy of the judges.

Heidi totally looooves Jenni’s funky summer look with hand-painted flowers on a see-through skirt. Meanwhile, Kimber’s floral number looks spot on in daylight but fails to dazzle at night — with a very muted feel in comparison to the other efforts. And the main problem was that she couldn’t see what the problems with it were.

Cornelius goes for the Trojan Horse look creating a standard and stylish outfit for the day which then turns into a totally crazy-looking dress full of emojis at night. It goes down quite well apart from some awkward positioning of the emojis (yup, you know what we’re talking about).

Rik on the other hand totally bombs with his ‘raver’-inspired outfit which wouldn’t look out of place in a tacky dressing up shop — or a pole-dancing bar. As the judges also point out, it “kind of looks like a Christmas tree”.

Erin, who impresses again, says of her idea: “I was kind of thinking of this sweet little angel, and when it would go to blacklight it would have this outline of just bra and skirt. I was trying to have that kind of ‘naughty girl’ when it went to blacklight.”

Nina Garcia describes it as “demure and sexy”, but with an “ethereal feeling” (okay then!) that felt under the blacklight that you’re under the ocean.

Then there was Mah-Jing — who during the episode has a Facetime with his four-year-old girl for Father’s Day — but doesn’t have much else to celebrate after messing up and using the wrong type of UV paint which messed up his look in the daytime by creating messy pink lines down it. And at night, some of the judges said it even looked like a “crime scene”. Heidi also pointed out that it looked like something else far more naughty altogether!

So it basically came down to Mah-Jing’s “forensic disaster” and Kimber’s underwhelming effort which she couldn’t find issue with herself despite the judges’ criticisms.

And the verdict was…

Who won the Blacklight or Daylight episode on Project Runway? Erin

Who was kicked out this episode: Kimber

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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