Dual Survival tackles the forest from hell in Brazil

Survivalist Jeff Zausch and army vet EJ Snyder head to South America in a double bill tonight on Dual Survival. The pair will face all manner of obstacles as they tackle the many challenges Brazil has to offer. They cross the barren grasslands of the Cerrado with no food or water, giving them a taste of

Ghost Hunters investigate paranormal activity at Fort Rodman

Tonight’s episode of Ghost Hunters sees the TAPS team head to Fort Taber-Fort Rodman in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The site hosts all manner of reenactments from the American Revolution, Civil War through to World War II and a recent living history event is reported to have stirred up some of a supernatural nature. Work started on Fort Rodman


Toddlers & Tiaras: Competiton is FIERCE at this Jungle Safari Pageant

On tonight’s Toddlers & Tiaras, the mini-me beauty queens answer the call of jungle as the winner of the safari pageant is revealed amid fierce competition. Things get wild for the girls in Shreveport, Louisiana, after performing their best safari-inspired routines to a backdrop of glittery animals including a giraffe and lion. But this contest’s got plenty of

Zozo the demon terrorizes war vet on Paranormal Witness

Tonight on Paranormal Witness a war vet and his brothers look to make a new start in Lawton, Oklahoma – but a demon called Zozo has different ideas. It all starts with them trying to find a house big enough for everyone and, as luck would have it, an affordable house in a good neighbourhood comes up.

Little Women: Atlanta’s Monie bombs at voiceover interview

On Little Women: Atlanta tonight, Tiffany “Monie” Cashette auditions for a voiceover part with an animation producer — but it isn’t a huge success. In the episode, titled Rock the Boat, Monie heads to the studio to record a test tape of her speaking into a microphone for the part of an animated character. It’s a

Is Little Women: LA’s Christy taking DRUGS?

On Little Women: LA tonight, there’s concerns about whether Christy is staying sober — or if she’s popping pills or taking some sort of drugs. Briana raises the issue after questioning whether Christy — who has had problems with alcohol in the past and has been cold turkey for several years — is behind her


Sex, drugs and meltdowns on The Real Housewives of New York City reunion

On The Real Housewives of New York City tonight, it’s the first of a three-part reunion special as the ladies get the claws out for their first meeting since the Season 8 finale. The episode makes for some extremely tasty viewing as the ladies cover everything from sex and cheating to drugs and drinking — with tears left right

Fan favorites back for the truck challenge on Forged in Fire

On Forged in Fire this week — four fan favorites were back for another chance to test their mettle against some tough tasks, including the infamous truck challenge. Two winners were also challenged to create a hook sword. Also check this cool bonus clips where the judges discuss the two Scottish claymores created last week. Both

Born This Way: Cristina’s jealousy spirals out of control

On Born This Way tonight, Cristina’s family and friends are left worried when her jealousy reaches a whole new level. The episode, titled Great Expectations, sees her confront Angel about her feelings. Rachel, Bea and Mariano all try to step in to help. But her dad reveals: “We have some concerns about their relationship.” Meanwhile, Megan lands