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Little Women: Atlanta’s Monie bombs at voiceover interview

Monie speaks into a microphone during her voiceover audition on tonight's Little Women: Atlanta
Monie speaks into a microphone during her voiceover audition on tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta

On Little Women: Atlanta tonight, Tiffany “Monie” Cashette auditions for a voiceover part with an animation producer — but it isn’t a huge success.

In the episode, titled Rock the Boat, Monie heads to the studio to record a test tape of her speaking into a microphone for the part of an animated character.

It’s a huge deal for her, and completely transform her life if she’s successful.

She says: “I got this voiceover audition with one of the famous animation producers. I want this so bad. My whole life will change if I get this part.”

However by the looks of the footage, it doesn’t go too well as the producer is seen leaving the room saying: “This is not going to work.”

Check out the full episode to see exactly what happens.

Also on tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta, Ashley “Minnie” goes about putting herself back on the market when her boss takes her by surprise by organising a blind date.

Meanwhile Ms. Juicy’s little twin friends Charity and Heather get things flowing between the ladies when they organise a boat bash on Lake Lanier.

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